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It’s the Warmest Color! Our 10 Favorite Blue Characters in History

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Blue things make us happy! Boyfriend jeans. Clear skies. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. It’s no wonder that we’ve always gravitated towards blue characters. They’re just so bright and vivid. And the past year has been flush with them, from Frozen’s Anna (okay, she’s not technically blue…but she is for a moment, after she, well, freezes) to The Amazing Spiderman 2’s Electro (that electricity-sparky skin!). And, of course, the greatest blue character of all time — X-Men’s Mystique — hit theaters again last week. Pantone needs to create a new shade in honor of that woman. Blue us away.

FromĀ Finding Nemo’s Dory to Gonzo, the most baller Muppet ever (all those chicken groupies!), let’s take a look at our favorite blue characters of all time.

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21 Jump Street 2, Finding Nemo 2 Top The 10 Upcoming Sequels We’re Doubly Dying To See

Why is Hollywood so focused on reboots and remakes when they could just be making sequels? Sequels we’d actually be psyched to see? We’re looking at you, Total Recall! (Just kidding; you know we’re seeing that ish on opening night.) Lucky for us, there are more number two’s coming out than we know what to do with, and boy, does that sentence look weird typed out. Today brought us news that 21 Jump Street 2 is set to film this fall, while Finding Nemo 2 swims its way toward a child’s heart near you, bringing the number of sequels we’re already dying to see up to 10. But you know what’s the only thing we love more than watching sequels? Trying to predict what their plots will be:

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