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The Yummy Mummy Edition: Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham Help Their Tykes Walk

Miranda Kerr And Flynn, Victoria Beckham And Harper

We’ve had babies on the brain since we posted our story on the cutest celebrity kiddie twitpics yesterday. And then we saw these pictures today and melted even further. Seriously, this is an epic level of cute going on. On the left, we have lissome mum, Miranda Kerr, looking as stunning as usual in a halter dress with a split skirt, holding her son , Flynn Bloom‘s hand. Little Flynn had accompanied Miranda to a photo shoot in New York and we bet he stole the limelight from his supermodel mother. How adorable is he in his little cap, striped shirt and shorts? Don’t miss the toddler “briefcase” either. On another note, we also want Miranda’s shoes, but we’ll settle for getting a cuddle from Flynn instead. On the right, we have little Harper Seven Beckham with her mum, Victoria Beckham, and both are matching in black. Coincidentally, Victoria’s also doing the whole split skirt thing, like Miranda. But all our attention is on Harper who looks unbelievably sweet. Caroline Kennedy, the managing director of Kennedy PR, tweeted this picture, writing, “There’s a very small girl called Harper in the house!” We think that Miranda and Victoria need to set up a playdate between their two kids immediately!

[Photos: Twitter/ Splash News Online]

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Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce And Others Really, Really Like Being Moms

Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce

As you book your brunches, scramble to order flowers, pick out the perfect card and all those other things you have to do before Mother’s Day this Sunday, we had a little revelation: Maybe our moms should be thanking US for a change.* We have arrived at this conclusion because of the very wise words of celebrity ladies, who, shockingly, appear to really, really like having children. The latest comes from a tweet brand-new mom Jessica Simpson wrote last night: “I am so in love with baby Maxwell. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I’ve ever experienced,” she wrote.

Interesting fact: Jessica may have cribbed this line from someone else. Or all of the people. But specifically, Miranda Kerr who said this year of having baby Flynn: “I love it, I really love it. … He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Miranda Kerr and baby Flynn
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Orlando Bloom Somehow Becomes Even More Adorable

Orlando Bloom, you are killing us here! We clearly already have tiny person fever, if our reaction to the sex of Babyonce is any indication, but seeing the Pirates of the Caribbean star smooching his son Flynn is over the line. Do you want us to swoon, Orlando? Because we are thisclose to collapsing in a pile of rainbow hearts and kisses. Oh wait, and you framed your love letters with your model wife Miranda Kerr? Take your tiny little rainboots and your adorable dad sweater and keep on walking.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Little Flynn Steals The Show From Mom, Miranda Kerr

Oh, little Flynn Kerr Bloom. Not only do you have the best surname ever, but you are just the cutest thing alive. Guys, look at him? With a mom like Miranda Kerr in the picture, looking like that, it’s hard for anyone to get noticed. We’d never really focused on a clear shot of Flynn before, but then this presented itself and we were like  — Miranda who? We also just died over that adorbale t-shirt he’s wearing that reads, “KerrBloom”. Flynn was out with his mom for a visit to David Jones in Sydney. We’re officially in love with this baby now.

[Photo: Splash News Online]


Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Take Baby Flynn To NY

Look at that little jetsetter! Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr took their newborn son Flynn to Paris last month, and yesterday the 3-month-old made his NY debut, to the delight of the local paparazzi. And no secretive carriage for this kid—Flynn spent the entire trip from their LA home to their NY apartment clutched to one of his parent’s chests, probably wondering what all the flickering lights were about. With Miranda already modeling bikinis again, it probably won’t be long until Flynn’s next flight.

See more photos of the little cutie in the gallery below.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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