Foot Fetishes

by (@unclegrambo)

New York Jets Football Coach Embroiled In Foot Fetish Video Controversy

michelle-ryan-foot-fetish-550rnrnChristmas came early for the pun-loving headline writers of the New York tabloids when Deadspin broke the story that the wife of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan may have starred in a series of kinky foot fetish videos. The sports blog discovered that a woman featured in a number of YouTube videos uploaded to an account called “ihaveprettyfeet” not only bore a striking resemblance to Rex Ryan’s wife of 23 years, Michelle Ryan, but that the two also shared a number of common traits: Both are Virgos, were born in August of 1963, are listed at 5’2″ and, at one time, resided in Ellicott City, MD. Even more damning? The voice of the camera person in one of the videos sounds remarkably like the distinctively gruff-voiced Rex. Whoops!rnrnNow, clearly, what a happily married couple does in their private life behind closed doors is really none of anyone’s business. Rex Ryan said as much at a news conference yesterday in front of dozens of salivating beat writers. “Obviously, I knew these questions were coming,” a reportedly humiliated Ryan explained, “But this is a personal matter and I’m not going to discuss it.” However, Ryan has gone out of his way to attract (and subsequently revel in) the media spotlight since becoming the Jets head coach, and these videos were originally posted to one of the most popular websites in the known universe, so he had to know that these questions would surface someday. The moral of the story? If you want to your private moments to stay private, you probably shouldn’t post them to YouTube.rnrnEver wondered what one of these videos looks like? We’ve got one of the (alleged) Michelle Ryan videos for you after the jump. It’s not quite NSFW, but you probably don’t want your boss creeping over your shoulder while you’re watching it.rnrn Read more…