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We Can Name At Least 6 More Rabid Groups To Add To Vulture’s 25 Most Dedicated Fan Bases List

8 More Rabid Fan Bases

Vulture released it’s 25 Most Devoted Fan Bases list today, and you know we immediately clicked through to make sure they had Twihards on there. Of course they did, as well as Mad Men, Harry Potter and a host of other pop culture entities that turn fans into drooling, trembling puddles of love. We couldn’t help but notice that there were some obvious exclusions however, so we went ahead and hyped the fan bases who we think are more than rabid enough to make the list.

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Crazed Fan Bites Britney Spears During Concert Lap Dance

Britney Spears does you the courtesy of picking you out of the crowd, tying you up with a boa and sitting your shoulders, and this is how you repay her? While performing in Rio de Janeiro on the Brazilian leg of her tour last night, BritBrit apparently invited a young man to join her for a spin on the pole, only to have him sink his crazy fan teeth into her calf. After straddling gentlemen like Joe Jonas and Pauly D during her performances, Britney clearly did not expect that she’d end up contemplating a rabies shot. The look of total shock and horror on Britney’s face, plus the howl of disgust from the crowd, really says it all: dude, YOU BLEW IT.

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James Franco Buys Portrait Of Himself From 13-Year-Old Super Fan

As much as we rip on James Franco non-stop, we’ve always felt that his weird giggly brand of self-involvement does more good in the universe than ill. Like, for example, when James Franco buys a portrait of himself from a 13-year-old super fan. While the 127 Hours actor stopped by the Toronto International Film Festival Sunday to promote his art installation “Memories of Idaho” (sure, of course), he spotted Macy Armstrong‘s yarn portrait of him and, knowing great art when he sees his own face on it, asked to buy it. Earning a spot on the wall in James Franco’s Hall of James Francos is no joke; someone else’s homemade college is headed for the fireplace as we speak.

“Ohmygod I don’t know what just happened but I can’t breath! I gave James my art! And he has my email! And he’s seen my 127 Hours painting!! AHHHH,” Armstrong wrote on her James Franco Forever tumblr yesterday. “He looked at me, he spoke to me, and I’m pretty sure we mentally got married Everyone on the street thinks I’m crazy because Im freaking out! Its like a dream!” Oh man, mental marriage is exactly the kind of thing Franco would be into…but hopefully Macy can wait a few years before making him her official brain-husband.

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Madonna Goes Ballistic On Hydrangeas Once Again In Bizarre Silent Film

After watching Madonna’s hydrangea spoof video, we started to feel this warm, wonderful sensation spreading through our chests, one that we haven’t felt since A League Of Their Own came out. Is this love…love for Madonna‘s totally-out-of-left-field hilariousness? Made in response to the kerfuffle over Madonna’s hydrangea comments last week at the Venice Film Festival, Madge seems to be make a sweet, albeit odd, apology in this silent noir film she posted to Youtube…until she loses her mind. “It’s a free country! So f— you I like roses!,” Madge rages before stomping on a bouquet of her least favorite flowers. Is there any chance this might actually be documentary footage? This is pretty much how we imagine Madonna spends all of her free time: shouting silently, in sepia tone, while crushing fan presents under her boot.

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Ryan Gosling Constantly Disappointing Fans Who Think He’s Ryan Reynolds

As hard as it might be to believe, apparently there are people who mistake Ryan Gosling for Ryan Reynolds…and then feel disappointed about. Van Wilder fans: the most easily disappointed fans in the world! “They’re disappointed when I’m not Ryan Reynolds,” the Drive star told E! Online. “‘Oh can I get my picture with you?’ And you’re like, sure, and they’re like, ‘I thought you were more muscley.’ No. ‘Have you gotten, like, more unattractive for a role?’ No. Just the role of my life.'” More unattractive! Jeez, did Green Lantern melt these people’s brains?

“Sometimes they’ll take a picture with me and then they’ll look at it, and I’ll see their faces fall and they realize when they look at the picture, that’s not Ryan Reynolds,” he explains. Wow, Gosling sure has been laying it on thick the past couple weeks, hasn’t he? First he was like, “Oh, let me act all bashful about breaking up this street fight!,” then he was all, “Let me take Eva Mendes to Disney World,” now he’s coming at us like, “I’m not as handsome as that dreamy Ryan Reynolds.” We’re on to you, Gosling, and let us just warn you: your charm is working. Like. A. Glove.

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Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Barbies Losing A Shoe Under A Fridge Near You

No more fashioning tiny little cowboy hats out of duct tape for you! EW reports that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Barbies are due out from Mattell this October. “Tim and Faith sent us photos of every detail” doll designer Linda Kyaw says of the $69.99 doll duo. “including Tim’s complete suit, piece-by-piece; and Faith’s dress, make-up, and clear shots of her hair preference.” Let’s hope Faith’s hair preference is “hacked apart by a pair of safety scissors and colored in with watermelon-scented marker,” because that’s all our Barbies sported!

“The couple knew exactly what they wanted to see in doll form, and they helped us achieve the best possible results,” Kyaw explains. We were kidding about all the Barbie abuse, of course; clearly the dolls are collector’s items only. No one needs to see Tim McGraw’s face get chewed on by the family dachshund or Faith Hill’s leg get jammed in a heating grate, not even in toy form.

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Tom Hanks Allegedly Refunds Larry Crowne Ticket Price To Fans

As people who would be too shy to send back a burger if it had broken glass in it, we take our meek little pork pie hats off to the fans that got Tom Hanks to refund their Larry Crowne ticket money. Allegedly the couple ran into Hanx at an L.A. gas station and, while no doubt gushing at how amazing he was in Forrest Gump and Castaway and A League of Their Own, they happened to let slip that they hated Hank’s recent rom-com with Julia Roberts. The fact that this story doesn’t end with Tom Hanks running them down with his hybrid is a testament to his being the nicest actor in Hollywood.

Instead, the Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close star gave the couple $25 to pay them back for their ticket prices, though the $80 they spent on Raisinets and a small soda still had them at a net loss. So…you can do that to celebrities? While part of us is afraid this is going to turn into a crankier version of Marines asking out celebrities, another part is wondering what gas station is closest to Ryan Reynolds‘ house…

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Demi Lovato Shows Off New Wrist Tatt, Big Fan Love

Every celebrity loves their fans; few would go so far as to get their doodles permanently inked onto their flesh. In a new video Demi Lovato shows off her new wrist tattoo, a small heart which fans would apparently draw on themselves in support of Demi’s recovery in rehab. “I wanted to show you something that I did recently in honor of my fans and their support,” Lovato says as she points out her new body art, which joins her “Stay Strong” tattoos on her arms. “The journey that I went through and the support of my fans was so meaningful for me, I wanted to thank my fans in a way that I know can never be forgotten.” Good thing the symbol was sometime cute like a little heart, rather than a bat skeleton or something. We don’t know why someone would chose that to represent their love for Demi Lovato, but, you know girl almost certainly would have gotten it anyway.

Demi is also back on Twitter as of yesterday, tweeting among other things “I love you guys SO MUCH… this support is UNBELIEVABLE!! I’m tearing up I’m so thankful…” and “Stay strong.”  Seems to us that Demi reeeeeeally likes all supportive tweets she receiving. Likes them so much that she’d get one tattooed into her body, perhaps? We’re just kidding; we doubt that’s in her game plan. Then again, why take the risk and blow this golden opportunity? Tweet that teen star now!