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The Situation’s Dad Legally Apologizes For Being The Worst

If there’s hope for a man who has been put in a friendly headlock by Michael Lohan, then there’s hope for us all. In a surprising reversal for such a prominent member of the Terrible Hollywood Parent Club (First rule: never talk about THP club), The Situation’s dad apologized for using his son’s image to insult him in the press, filling a settlement to end the on-going feud with his son. Wow, and here we thought giving Mr. Situation any attention would have the same effect as water on a gremlin: it might have been a mistake, but it’s too late to do anything about it now. Oh, and you might have to blow up a movie theater to get rid of him.

The Situation sued Frank Sorrentino back in May after his dear old dad released several videos attacking his son, as well as launched, just so there would be a public record of how awful he is. And we thought Ronnie‘s mom calling him drunk in the middle of the day was bad. Also, tragic. The Situation has subsequently dropped his lawsuit, though Papa Sorrentino’s publishing agent Robert Fletcher does have to pay $5,000 as part of the settlement. As for Fletcher’s own kids, well, we’re assuming they can go ahead and hold their breath.


Michael Lohan Fights, Bonds With The Situation’s Dad Over Celebrity Boxing

Michael Lohan may be boxing talk radio host Jeremy Loper in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend, but it was Frank Sorrentino—the estranged father of The Situation—that he wrestled with at last night’s press conference in advance of the match. The dueling deadbeat dads, have been exchanging threats all week. “Hey Mike, let me send you a f—ing  message so you get this f—ing loud and clear, okay? You should be careful what you ask for because you may get it,” said the man who calls himself “The Confrontation” after Lohan allegedly challenged him to box, with Lohan responding “If I had to climb into the ring with him on crutches, after the way he spoke to me, I’d probably kick his ass anyways.”

Sorrentino, who’s refereeing the Lohan/Loper match, appeared to be in a much better mood last night, as did the subject of his many f-bombs. Maybe the two realized they have too much in common to complain about: Frank’s being sued by his famous son, Michael’s famous daughter Lindsay frequently wants nothing to do with him, neither would be remotely famous if not for their kids. Hey, anybody want to pay these guys to live in a house together? The Surreal Dads.

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The Situation Sues His Own Dad Over Humiliating Website

We’re assuming Michael Lohan is in a basement somewhere, scheming at how to prove himself against this new challenger for Worst Celebrity Dad Alive. Lohan’s resources are few, but his will is mighty. After weathering some of his father’s bizarre public rants, The Situation sued his dad Frank Sorrentino over his pop’s insulting website, according to a law suit filed in Miami yesterday. That’s right; the Situation’s father, calling himself The Confrontation, set up a website solely to humiliate his son. You know, like a normal dad would do. Man, remember when being generally awful was enough to let people know you were a terrible parent? Now the horrible parents of the world have to have a web presence, a nick name, the whole nine yards. It’s becoming a full-time job just trying to stay relevant in the obnoxious celebrity father game.

Luckily, it seems that the Situation’s dad has wisely pulled his wackadoo The Confrontation Site, so the reality star can get back to his Jersey Shore Italy trip, where he is free to embarrass himself of his own volition. Meanwhile, Joe Jackson shines his #1 Worst Dad trophies and lies in wait for a worthy competitor.

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