by (@JordanRuntagh)

Randy Quaid Says Canada Saved His Life


This Thanksgiving, it should come as no surprise that Randy and Evi Quaid are thankful for Canada. In fact, he says that were it not for our neighbor to the north, he and his wife would be dead. The two are claiming refugee status, and are currently undergoing an immigration hearing in Vancouver, British Columbia. They wish to remain in Canada in an effort to dodge the “Hollywood star wackers” that they believe are out to kill them. Allegedly many of their friends have died under shady conditions in the recent months, and the pair fear that they are next.

If the character actor can convince the Immigration and Refugee Board that his far fetched claims are true, he and his wife will enter the history books as the first Americans to gain refugee status in Canada. “I feel good. If it wasn’t for Canada’s refugee laws my wife and I would be dead,” he said before a hearing yesterday. But these pesky “Hollywood star wackers” aren’t the only things the Quaids are running from. They are also fugitives from a California court, where they face felony vandalism charges. Wow, and we thought the pilgrims had it rough!┬áBut in fleeing to a land where they will not be killed or persecuted, the Quaids have discovered the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Too bad their turkey dinner comes with a heaping helping of crazy.

[Photo: Getty Images]