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What Happened To Your Favorite Supporting Cast Members from ’90s TV Shows?

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The ’90s are gone, but we’re still clinging to the decade’s greatest television shows thanks to Netflix binges and cable syndication. Everyone remembers the series’ big stars, but what about those supporting characters all diehard fans will never forget?

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Indisputable Evidence That John Stamos Is Perfect

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On John Stamos‘ 51st birthday, we’re asking one of life’s more pressing questions: Is he perfect? We think we probably already know the answer to this question — this IS Uncle Jesse we’re talking about — but we also think it’s best to provide some proof. Yes, we’re using that full head of hair, those piercing baby blues, and his cheeky grin as evidence. Read more…

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Happy Birthday Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen! Celebrate With Their Cutest Looks Through The Years

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's birthday retrospective

Hey everyone, get ready to feel super old! For most of us, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are pretty much frozen in our minds at around age 9, but the girls actually turn 26 years old today! So let’s all send out some hearty birthday wishes to the Olsen Twins. But whatever you do, don’t call them “the Olsen Twins.” If you do, you’re in big trouble mister! The duo have worked hard to shed their child-star past and forge their own individual identities, and being lumped together under the dreaded “T” word reportedly pisses them off.

They’ve sure come a long way from literally playing the same character on Full House! Mary-Kate and Ashley blossomed into teen tycoons, with an empire rumored to be worth well over a billion dollars! But there’s one thing that money can’t buy: a multi-decade retrospective of your cutest styles, from way back in that land called the 80s, all the way to now. Consider it our birthday present to you, ladies! Head on down to the gallery below and bask in the adorability and the “predictability.”

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Candace Cameron Bure Walks Down Memory Lane To Full House

Talk about your blast from the past. Candace Cameron Bure a.k.a D.J. Tanner went back to where it all began for her — the Full House house in San Francisco! It was her husband, Valeri Bure‘s, birthday and it seems like the whole family went out to celebrate. They all made the drive to the house featured in the opening credits of the show, which started its run in 1987! BTW, Candace is also on one of our favorite current shows, Make it or Break It. Do any of you watch that too?

But back to the point before the teenage-gymastic drama of MIOBI overwhelms us. Apparently, the actress hasn’t visited the her old gig in over two decades. Candace tweeted, “It’s the first time I’ve been here since we shot the opening credits” along with a picture of her husband and three kids in front of the houses. She then tweeted a line from the title song of Full House , “Everywhere you look……” How’s that for full circle? Makes us want to watch some reruns!

[Photo via Candace Cameron Bure’s Twitter]

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Bob Saget Fondly Recalls Diapering The Olsen Twins


Full House’s Danny Tanner will always be our ideal sitcom dad, but jokes about how Bob Saget diapered the Olsen Twins when they were infants is really damaging the fantasy. Praising Mary-Kate and Ashley as “incredibly loving and generous,” Bob then reminisces “The joke I have with them is that I diapered them. They were three months old and doing the show and I also had a baby and there was a time when I knew how to diaper them really quickly. Of course, I had permission.” We don’t care if he had written permission from President Ronald Reagan, this still makes us super uncomfortable. Meanwhile, we’re sure the Olsens are just thrilled that their TV dad is bragging about helping with their diaper rash.

When asked if minded that he’ll be remembered primarily for his signature dad role, Saget argued “I don’t know if that’s true. What happens if I explode on the street and they say it’s ‘American’s Funniest Death’? It could be the video show or it could be a new show.” Well…it’ll probably be that exploding thing, if that actually happens. Sure, we all loved ABC’s TGIF line-up, but being splattered with exploding-person parts would make some serious headlines. [Photo: Getty Images]