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Gabriel Aubry Named As Instigator Of Crazy Fight With Olivier Martinez, But Won’t Be Prosecuted

Gabriel Aubrey Named Instigator Of Oliver Martinez Brawl

Remember that hoopla about the big Thanksgiving brawl at Halle Berry‘s house? It was between her ex, Gabriel Aubry and her current fiance, Olivier Martinez, which resulted in some pretty nasty bruises all over Aubry’s face. Aubry also claimed that Martinez attacked him and threatened to kill him, as he was angry over the $ 3 million payout he and Halle had to pay over daughter Nahla‘s custody battle. Olivier and Halle lost the battle, which is why Aubry said the French actor went berserk, resulting in what’s turning out to be an epic fight.

Now, in an interesting turn of events, TMZ claims that the police has ascertained that Aubry’s pants are clearly on fire, because he was the prime instigator of the fight — not Martinez. Detectives found out that the series of events that concluded with the brawl, involved Martinez going up to Aubry, as he dropped Nahla off to Berry’s house for Thanksgiving, saying, “We have to talk.” Aubry then apparently pushed Martinez and then threw a punch at his face, only to hit his shoulder. Which is when Martinez went into kick-ass defence mode and punched Aubry three times. Sources have even told TMZ that Gabriel has “ongoing anger issues” and that, “It seems he’s still having a hard time getting over his break up with Halle.” He’s got a lucky break in this whole mess though, as Halle and Olivier are not pressing charges against him as they feel it would hurt their daughter Nahla, of who Gabriel is the biological father of. While this drama is still unfolding, here’s one very important lesson we’ve learnt from the whole thing: you do not mess with Olivier Martinez. Or the French in general.

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Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry Settle This Thing Like Grown-Ups – With Lawyers!

Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry have reached a peaceful settlement

Olivier, Halle, Nahla, Gabriel … and their lawyers, Shawn Holley and Blair Berk

Maybe someone should send Shawn Holley and Blair Berk over to the Middle East next. The two celebrity lawyers did what we weren’t sure was possible yesterday: They reached a settlement in the battle between Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry following their Thanksgiving Day brawl. “The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter,” Berk revealed to TMZ and other outlets, via a handwritten note.

So, we have no idea whether this amicable agreement extends to the underlying dispute over whether Halle and Olivier can take Halle and Gabriel’s daughter, Nahla, to Paris with them (a judge had ruled no earlier this month). It could just be about the order prohibiting Gabriel from seeing Nahla after last week’s fight, which left the Canadian model with a black eye and broken nose and Olivier with some messed up fists.

We’re happy for Aubry’s lawyer Holley, at least, ’cause now she’s going to have to turn her attention back to keeping Lindsay Lohan out of jail. If she can solve that one, we’re pretty sure she can fix global warming too.

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Gabriel Aubry V. Olivier Martinez: 5 Mostly Relevant Facts About Halle Berry’s Men

Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry after the Thanksgiving altercation

Gabriel Aubry broke even yesterday when it came to legal wrangling in the aftermath of his Thanksgiving Day altercation with Halle Berry’s fiance, Olivier Martinez. First, the court refused to lift a prohibition on him getting within 100 yards of his and Berry’s daughter, Nahla, according to TMZ. But at the same time, law enforcement sources said he probably won’t be prosecuted for battery, since it was a case of “mutual combat.”

While all this is going on, we took a step back to review some interesting things about Halle’s current and former men, things that are sorta relevant to this situation:

1. Martinez, the son of a professional boxer, told Ocean Drive magazine last month that when he was considering taking up the sport himself, ” I a good left hook — but keep that a secret.”

2. Last year, the Telegraph named Aubry one of the top 10 earning male models in the industry. Despite his nice income, Berry was reportedly ordered to give him $20,000 a month in child support.
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Gabriel Aubry Expected In Court Today – Will Security Camera Footage Uncover Truth Of Martinez Brawl?

Gabriel Aubry is expected to appear in court to ask that he be allowed to see daughter Nahla again

Gabriel Aubry is heading to court today, TMZ reports, to ask a judge to lift the prohibition on him seeing daughter Nahla, following his Thanksgiving Day brawl with Halle Berry’s fiance, Olivier Martinez. As we mentioned yesterday, the Canadian model filed papers accusing Martinez of being the aggressor in the fight, which left Aubry with the frightening injuries you see above.
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Gabriel Aubry Alleges Olivier Martinez Death Threat And Things Just Get Worse From There

Gabriel Aubry Alleges Olivier Martinez Death Threat

See, we want to make more jokes about families fighting on Thanksgiving (because humor is how we deal with sadness), but considering how bad this news story is getting, that might be a tad gauche. Accurate…but a tad gauche. After news broke that Halle Berry had obtained an emergency protective order against Gabriel Aubry following a Thanksgiving brawl at her home, the Cloud Atlas actress’s ex is now claiming that her current fiance Olivier Martinez attacked him first, in addition to threatening to kill him. According to TMZ, Aubry alleges in a legal declaration the French actor was enraged over the $3 million he and Berry allegedly lost in her custody battle over daughter Nahla, leading Martinez to attack Aubry in the driveway. Witnesses told police that it was actually Aubry who started the fight, though with all the screaming and flailing any normal person would be doing at such a time, it’s possible that certain details were unclear.

Leading credence to model Aubry’s claims, however, are the bruises he has been sporting since the incident. Obviously we weren’t at Halle Berry’s house during the brawl (thank goodness, because we doubt that situation needed more panicked screaming), but the idea that Olivier Martinez would demand Aubry move to Paris or “Olivier would kill him” seems a touch far-fetched. Or maybe that’s just us hoping this story isn’t as horrible as it seems. It was a holiday, for pete’s sake! We are not looking forward to Christmas, is all we’re saying.

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Halle Berry Filing Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry Following Thanksgiving Throwdown At Her House

Halle Berry Seeking Restraining Order Against Ex-Gabriel Aubrey

It’s a sad truth that most families fight over thanksgiving, but it’s been rare that someone has left the table with a black eye. We guess Halle Berry’s family is more hardcore than ours, because her baby-daddy Gabriel Aubry had an epic Thanksgiving throwdown with her fiance Olivier Martinez! It all started when Aubrey swung by Berry’s house to drop off four-year-old daughter Nahla Ariela for the holiday.

According to witnesses, things went south when Martinez confronted Aubrey when he wouldn’t leave the driveway, and told Halle’s ex that “We have to move on.”  The pair apparently exchanged insults in French and soon Aubry started swinging. “He shoved Olivier, then punched him,” a friend who was present told Us Weekly. “Olivier just defended himself.” After a violent shuffle, Martinez wrestled him to the ground and restrained him until police arrive and placed Aubrey under arrest for misdemeanor battery. He posted the $20,000 bond later that evening and was released following a trip to the ER. He is due back in court on December 13th.

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Halle Tries To Block Visitation, Nanny Denied Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry seems to be gearing up for an all-out brawl with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry over their daughter Nahla Ariela. For better or for worse, it will all have to wait until Monday. Following charges of battery and child endangerment filed by Nahla’s nanny Alliance Kamdem, the Academy Award-winner actress attempted to block her model ex from seeing Nahla until the investigation is over. Judge Scott Gordon instead opted to postpone their hearing until next week, when Judge Mark Juhas returns from vacation. Judge Juhas had been working on the case prior to his leaving for vacation, and will no doubt be thrilled to have it waiting on his desk when he gets back.

Meanwhile, the nanny was denied a restraining order against Aubry, despite her allegations that Berry’s ex yelled at, insulted and at one point shoved her in the presence of his child. Kamdem even goes so far as to claim that Gabriel once denied treatment for a rash Nahla developed. The judge presiding over her filing claimed that her petition was “insufficient and speculative.” Aubry’s rep reminds TMZ, “Anyone can file a police report at any time, regardless of it being accurate.” So which situation would be worse: that this is all a deliberate fabrication or that it’s the awful truth? Both, right? Both would be worse.

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Halle’s Ex Gabriel Aubry Investigated For Battery, Child Endangerment

Ugh, and the day was going so well, too. According to TMZ, Halle Berry‘s ex Gabriel Aubry is being investigated for misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor child neglect after allegedly shoving and verbally attacking his nanny. According to their caregiver, who works for both Berry and Aubry, Halle’s ex pushed her into a door while arguing over why daughter Nahla Ariela was not taken to school by Aubry. The fact that the nanny was holding Gabriel and Halle’s daughter at the time of the altercation is what spurred a child endangerment investigation. It’s also spurring us to purse our lips together and shake our heads in utter dismay.

If you recall, Halle and Gabriel spent much of 2011 in and out of court in a dispute that seemed to be approaching a custody battle. We can’t imagine this will help such an already tense situation. More shoving almost never does.

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Halle’s Ex Gabriel Aubry And Daughter Nahla Head To The Park

When did Halle Berry‘s daughter Nahla Aubry get so big? Also, where did she get that excellent hat? Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry carted their daughter around (literally) this week during a play date at a park in Los Angeles. The last time we checked in with Aubry was the last time he and Halle had custody beef in court this summer, so it’s nice to see him doing everyday dad stuff. For example, providing a means of conveyance and swing propulsion for the tiny person perched on his shoulders.

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Halle Berry Back In Court Over Custody Violations

In the past Halle Berry has said that court can be a helpful way for parents to work out issues. Maybe they can give her some sort of “Every 12 visit, you get one custody hearing free” card? Halle Berry’s custody battle with ex Gabriel Aubry has her back in front of a judge today. According to TMZ, Berry is meeting over concerns about Aubry’s parenting of their daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry; the actress is allegedly “claiming there was once an incident overseas when Gabriel allegedly neglected Nahla, imperiling her safety.” If you think Berry did not immediately know about it from 2,000 miles away through some sort of mom-specific Spidey sense, you have not been paying attention to their on-going drama at all.

In addition to her rocky custody battle, Berry’s career has had it’s ups and downs recently, the actress leaving then returning to New Year’s Eve, and recently getting replaced by Angela Bassett in Broadway play The Mountaintop. Here’s hoping both parties figure out a solution soon; that bailiff sees Halle Berry roughtly ten times more than paying audiences do.