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Okay, Who Photoshopped These Alien Arms Onto Julianne Moore’s Body?

Alright, very funny, wiseguys. Now tell us, who did this to all of the photos of Julianne Moore taken at today’s Game Change screening in D.C.? We know it was one of you, because there is no way our amazing Julianne walked of the house wearing the arms of the alien from Signs as sleeves. Okay, sure, maybe the Crazy, Stupid, Love actress did make our Worst Dressed Stars Of 2011 list, but those sleeves don’t even look real! Somebody fess up to this, or else we are going to have to admit that Julianne consciously picked out, tried on and zippered herself into this frock voluntarily, and we are just not ready to deal with that reality yet!

Honestly, we prefer her totally Sarah Palin transformation in the upcoming HBO film, which airs this weekend, to Moore’s red carpet selection. Or maybe this look is an homage to Palin too? Maybe it reflects her belief in our right to bear arms? Arms that Julianne Moore stole from the set of Men In Black III, stuffed with shoulder pads and sewed onto a sexy gown? Now that we think about it, that idea does make us proud to be an American. Carry on, Julianne!

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Julianne Moore’s First Photo As Sarah Palin Released

It’s not Tina Fey uncanny, but it might do. The HBO movie Game Change, about the 2008 Presidential Election, begins production today, with the network releasing a photo of Julianne Moore in costume as former VP nominee Sarah Palin. Ed Harris will de-sexify himself to play John McCain, while Woody Harrelson takes on campaign manager Steven Schmidt, who you might remember as the cueball who didn’t have much nice to say about Palin after the election. Hilariously, a photo of Moore as Hilary Clinton (she was set to play the Secretary Of State in HBO’s The Special Relationship before scheduling conflicts) hit the web earlier this month.  Do you think she would have got this part if she’d stuck with that one?

Check out photos of Palin and Moore in the gallery below.

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Julianne Moore To Play Sarah Palin In HBO’s Game Change

We see the resemblance, but can she play folksy? Entertainment Weekly reports that four-time Oscar nominee Julianne Moore has signed up to play Sarah Palin in HBO’s upcoming adaptation of Game Change, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann‘s best-selling behind-the-scenes account of the 2008 Presidential election. The film will be directed by Jay Roach, who also made the 2000-election film Recount for the network (he also directed the Austin Powers movies). Hey, didn’t they forget to make one about John Kerry‘s 2004 run? Matthew Modine‘s agent is still waiting for that call!

While Recount avoided showing us the nominees and stuck to the campaign managers on the sidelines, the signing of Moore suggests we should expect some big names to play the big politicians involved. Will Mickey Rooney crawl out for John McCain? Tim Meadows for Barack Obama? Or will they go for Academy-level caliber, like Robert Duvall and Will Smith? Either way, we’re excited to find out what’s in store.

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