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From Game Of Thrones To Liz & Dick, We Look Back At The Best Wigs Of 2012

Have you ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof effect? Basically it’s a cognitive illusion in which, once you become aware of something, you notice it everywhere. For us, 2012 meant a year of noticing wigs in every single aspect of our lives. From TV shows like Vampire Diaries to movies like Liz & Dick to meat space like celebrities’ heads, we couldn’t blink without seeing yet another wig. Nor did we want to.

For example, did anyone else see The Hobbit? Critics turned up their nose at the film’s length, but no one breathed a word about all the magnificent dwarf wigs. (It’s better this way. It was a delightful surprise.) While we try to figure out how to obtain a braided-beard-attached-to-a-toupee wig like ol’ Bombur, check out the best of the best of 2012’s wigs. Lindsay Lohan…you did us proud. Did we miss any winners? Please tell us. We genuinely want to know!

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The Seth MacFarlane/Emilia Clarke Rumor Seems Weird, Until You Realize He Dated Amanda Bynes

Seth MacFarlane And Emiliar Clarke Allegedly Dating

Then it seems…well, not normal. Less weird, let’s say. We thought the gossip about Seth MacFarlane romancing Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke was exceedingly rando (Would Stewie date Khaleesi in anything but fan fiction written by the saddest perv in the world?), but then we went to add them to our 20 WTF Celebrity Couples List and realized Seth was already on there…with former flame Amanda Bynes. There is nothing more random than Seth MacFarlane dating Amanda Bynes! Allegedly dating! Although…we guess Amanda did at least guest star on Family Guy. The Emilia Clarke thing is even more out of the blue! On a semi-related note, couples like these are why the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon game actually works.

Interestingly enough, the photo above is a snapshot of Seth and Emilia hanging out at a Playboy True Blood event back in July. Could that have been the night they met? If so, we really can’t blame Clarke’s Game of Thrones costar Alfie Allen for leering at them like a weirdo; we would have done the exact same thing. Also interesting is how Seth seems to be sticking pretty hard to the whole “13 year age difference” thing when choosing romantic partners. Bynes was 21 when they allegedly started dated back in 2008; Clarke is currently 25. Now, just to be clear, we are not saying dating Seth MacFarlane will eventually lead to Emilia Clarke to drive aimlessly around L.A. or hiding in a dressing room for hours at a time. No one is saying that at all. On a semi-related note, if we ever find out Amanda Bynes is dating Jason Momoa, we will literally die.

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