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Emma Stone Goes For The Sexy Little Girl Look In W Magazine

Emma Stone on the cover of W Magazine

We’re a little bit confused about the purpose of Emma Stone’s cover photo in W. Not that this is the first time the fashion magazine has baffled us by featuring a cover model in no clothing. I mean, that’s a very stylish bra, and I’m sure if I saw the whole leather jacket she has wrapped around her arms, I’d like that too. But mostly, the vibe we’re getting here is “Emma Stone can be a corrupted, sexy little girl, in addition to all the roles you already like her for.” The messy hair and minimal makeup add to that post-coital look. Inside the mag, she’s wearing more clothing that follows in this punk princess theme. And none of this fits either A) the quirky comedian she normally portrays in real life, or B) the mob moll she’s playing in Gangster Squad.

Not that she doesn’t look good, of course. Also, she makes up for this confusion with this quote about her appearance as a presenter at last year’s Oscars. “It was for best visual effects, so Ben [Stiller] and I had all these funny ideas. Planet of the Apes was nominated, so we thought we would bring a chimp onstage and I’d say, “Oh, it looks so real.” And Ben would be like, “It’s a real chimp.” And I’d be insisting, “Oh, my God — the work they do now is so staggering.” And he’d repeat, “It’s a real chimp.” But apparently, you can’t make the Oscar presentation about a particular movie or else the audience thinks you’re swaying the vote toward that movie.”

Any girl who’s disappointed she didn’t get to bring a chimp onstage at the Oscars can do no wrong in our book. Academy, please make her present again this year.

[Photo: W Magazine]

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Ryan Gosling’s 10 Most Handsome Looks From The Gangster Squad Premiere

Ryan Gosling at the Hollywood premiere of Gangster Squad

There was a sad period in our lives last year, when we hit a dry spell in the Ryan Gosling sighting department. Silly man was off making movies and being with Eva Mendes or something instead of inadvertently posing for a thousand Tumblrs and starring in all of our dreams. That nightmare seems to be over, thank goodness, as we’ve been blessed with two trailers for upcoming movies, Gangster Squad’s release this weekend and, of course, his appearance on the red carpet of the premiere of Gangster Squad last night. We are pleased to report that the number of handsome faces he made as he escorted his mother to the movie were almost enough to make up for that earlier drought. All we need now is for him to go rescue someone on the street again and we’re all set.

Feast on our 10 favorite Ryan Gosling looks from last night:

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Premiere Wars: Jessica Chastain Vs. Emma Stone Vs. Kerry Washington

Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone, Kerry Washingon Premiere-Wear

Yesterday was a sartorial  heavyweight day thanks to three different premieres in three different cities with three different stars, each hitting it out of the fashion ball-park, so to speak. We’ll start with Jessica Chastain on the left who arrived at the New York screening of Mama at the 2012 New York Film Critics Circle Awards looking dreamy and romantic in a full-skirted, black lace overlay, embroidered Oscar de la Renta frock. She accessorized very smartly with Christian Louboutin black pumps, and Harry Winston collar diamond necklace that looked like it was worth it’s weight in … diamonds. In the middle, is Emma Stone who looked adorable and ever-so-slightly kitschy at the premiere of Gangster Squad in Hollywood. She wore a red Pre-Fall 2013 silk and brocade Lanvin dress adding the same brands ‘Babylon’ crystal necklace and Volubilis’ crystal flower brooch at the waist, with a Lanvin (again) ‘Passion’ clutch, all in red. The only non Lanvin piece on her were the Christian Louboutin ‘Pigalle’ red pumps. Lastly, to the right, we have Kerry Washington at the Paris premiere of Django Unchained wearing a gorgeous flowing, printed Rochas Spring 2013 strapless gown. She simply added a pair of ivory-and-diamond Monique Pean earrings which were clearly visible as her hair was up in a top-knot. Don’t make use choose between these three looks because we love them all. Although, to be honest, Kerry may have inched ahead for us, but that may change in a half hour. Who are you feeling the most here?

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Emma Stone Talks Hair, Ryan Gosling and Spider-Man Death With Cameron Crowe

Emma Stone may be one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood today, but it’s not always her acting performances that get people talking. The 23-year-old’s hair color is apparently quite the discussion topic, and the Oscar winning director Cameron Crowe got to the bottom of it in his in depth profile in the latest Interview Magazine.

“I had to dye it red for Superbad,” says the natural blonde. “They didn’t let me go back to blonde until Spider-Man—the collective ‘they.'” She dyed her hair brown at 15, which is how she looked when cast in the 2007 smash. “Judd [Apatow] asked me to dye it red at the camera test, so I was already cast in the movie…Now I’m back to my roots. But I get a lot of questions about hair color. People are very into talking about hair.”

But hair wasn’t all she talked about with Cameron. There were much more important things on the docket. Like Ryan Gosling, for example! Emma stars along side the heartthrob in Gangster Squad, whom she also worked/slept with in last summer’s Crazy Stupid Love. Apparently the relationship continues off screen (minus the sleeping, obvs). According to Emma, the two felt close from the get-go. “I immediately felt a kinship with him.” She even asks for his help on new film projects. “I’ve asked him to read a couple of scripts. I just really like hearing his viewpoint because I know that it’s never going to be tainted. He’s very much his own person. I really like his brain.”

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