Gary Coleman

by (@missmuttoo)

Gary Coleman’s Final Wishes


There’s been a lot of dispute since Gary Coleman passed away. Specifically between his ex-wife Shannon Price and his parents about who’ll get his estate.  In the wake of all this upheaval, news about his final wishes have surfaced.

Price say’s that he wished to be cremated and that he wanted his ashes to be scattered around train tracks. She say’s he asked, “To spread some of them around some train tracks because trains were his hobby and he loved that very much. And I think that he would really appreciate that I did that for him.”

The couple reportedly used to feud over his train hobby. Jordan Prentince, a co-star on his last movie Midgets vs. Mascots said,  “He once bought her a train set as a gift. She was furious.”

Price also adds that she has a legal document stating that “he wanted me to have everything.” Elaborating further she said, “His financial problems have always been bad with people stealing from him. Gary hasn’t been able to take care of finances very well because no one taught him. [But] we survived through everything. I had some family help us. My family’s been very supportive [of us].” We think he should be cremated in peace without any more campaigning.

[Photo: Getty Images]