Gary Ross

by (@hallekiefer)

Hunger Games Director Discusses His “Intense” Movie

That’s the thing about filming sci-fi: if you’re going to shoot a story that includes fabulous pink wigs, human-bird interspecies communication and carnivorous golden squirrels, you can’t act like you’re too cool for school. Luckily, Hunger Games director Gary Ross is clearly a man who is capable of deeply nerding out. “There’s times when you’re viscerally inside Jen’s shoes, and I mean that’s the main experience,” Ross tells MTV about filming his star Jennifer Lawrence. “And there’s other times where you’re witnessing her the way they witness her in the gameā€¦.and she’s constantly being watched, which is what I think makes the book so compelling.” Explains Ross, “It’s mainly an intense first-person experience inside Katniss’s shoes.” Now, personally we find the non-stop battle royale to be the most compelling part, but either way, you know we’ll be screaming behind our hands.

In case that doesn’t make you feel like you want to engage in blood sport in a future dystopia, you can also stop by The Capitol, the movie’s new site that will select which Hunger Games district for which you’ll most likely get torn apart by mutated lizards. May the odds be ever in our favor…that this movie will turn out as weird and awesome as it sound be.