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Olivia Wilde Claims Jonas Brothers Placed A “No Sex Hex” On Her Home

If there’s anything more unbelievable than Olivia Wilde blaming the Jonas Brothers for placing a “no sex hex” on her house, it’s the idea that any supernatural force, no matter how strong, could prevent Olivia Wilde from getting laid. Please. While promoting Cowboys And Aliens on Kimmel last night, the actress was quick to  blame the Jo Bros, former residents of her new L.A. house, for her sexual drought. “We think they placed a no sex hex on the house,” Wilde explained. “We blame the Jonas Brothers for the lack of action happening in our house. We’re like, ‘We know why.’ It’s the No sex hex, Jimmy! Can’t do anything about it.” Olivia’s right, of course; not much you can do about an anti-sex curse. Except, you know, look like Olivia Wilde.

While Olivia’s home might ostensibly be boner-free, her career hopefully won’t be. As the actress told E!, we may be seeing Olivia Wilde as Linda Lovelace, in a biopic of the same famous porn star who Lindsay Lohan, and now Malin Akerman, has been cast to play in a competing film. “It would be a tremendous honor,” Wilde said. “It’s such a cool role. She was a fascinating woman—with where she came from to Deep Throat to then working with Gloria Steinem and Nora Ephron. It’s really fascinating,” We guess those little musical virgins only have so much control over Olivia’s choices! In fact, we’re ready to declare that this house…is clean.

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American Idol Contestants Flee Mansion, Need To Call Ghostbusters

Good Lawd, please let this be true. TMZ is reporting that American Idol contestants have fled their Beverly Hills mansion due to supernatural forces. Ghosts in particular, because they’re all convinced that the house is haunted and the spooks ain’t nothing like Casper.

Apparently, lights have been flickering on and off inside the house, spiders have infested the space and some even claim they saw a bed sheet rise up to float, on its own, in a hallway. To add to their already frayed nerves, the roof has sprung a leak thanks to the rain on Sunday. Nothing like the sound of water dripping amidst the silence to freak someone out, right? America’s finest asked to be moved because they couldn’t handle the “boo’s” (off stage) and have been moved to an undisclosed location. Who you gonna call….! Simon Cowell? He’d scare the s— out of anyone, from this world or the next.

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Who Ya Gonna Call? Lady Gaga!

It’s no secret that one of our biggest guilty pleasures is Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Biography Channel, what with it’s dramatic reenactments of paranormal activity as described by the B, C and D-List actors who had close encounters with the creepie crawlies. But to find out that Lady Gaga is terrified of evil spirits and hires paranormal experts and ghost hunters “clean” the rooms she stay in when she travels, that’s taking it up to a whole new level.

Gaga allegedly shelled out close to $50,000 for Electro-Magnetic Field Readers which are supposed to be able to detect ghosts. While she fears the ghostly element of the spirit world, she embraces other spiritual forces and Gaga claims to be the reincarnation of her aunt Joanne. In an interview this summer, she said “My father’s sister Joanne died when she was 19 and he was 16. And when my mother was engaged to marry my father, they were staying in his house, where he grew up, and a light came into the room and touched her stomach and went away. She believes that Joanne came into the room and sort of OK’d her for my dad and that Joanne transferred her spirit into my mom…So, when I was born, it’s almost as if I was her unfinished business.”

At least this explains why she’s never gone so far as to wear a Slimer-inspired dress. She fears the ectoplasm.