Tom Cruise Is A Solid Dance Battle Competitor

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While attending the wedding of Sandy Modic and David Ellison, son of billionaire Larry Ellison, Tom Cruise was challenged to a dance off. Perhaps the challengers had seen Risky Business or Tropic Thunder and knew to expect some sweet moves, but who could have guessed he’d whip out the worm-to-splits one-two punch?! Our vote goes to Cruise for this battle. [TMZ]


Ultimate GIF Wall: The Long-Awaited Breaking Dawn Trailer

Forgive us for making you wait, salivating Twi-Hards. The Breaking Dawn trailer was holding us hostage…in a prison of OMGWTFOMGFAP. Now that we’ve regained our freedom and wiped clean our keyboards of drool, we’re proud to present one epic GIF wall. The shattering headboard may still be our favorite sneak peek moment, but prepare yourselves for wedding mushiness, preggo (and yet skeletal) Bella and some really pissed off wolves.
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REVIEW: Crazy, Stupid, Love + 10 Crazy, Stupid, Hot GIFs

Whatever genius decided to put Ryan Gosling‘s abs in the final shot of the Crazy, Stupid, Love trailer should reap heavy royalties from this weekend’s box office earnings. Though the all-star cast and sneak peek of funny one-liners will draw audiences out of the heat and into the movie theater, we have a feeling many ladies will be expecting eye candy o’plenty.

While the flick (thankfully) spends no small amount of time glorifying Gosling’s darling mug and perfectly-tailored suits, this smarter-than-your-average rom-com deals with the heavy subject matter of divorce. It had potential to get dark and depressing, but the chemistry of the stellar cast of Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, R-Gos and Emma Stone eased us through it with charm and likability.

The supporting actors gave mostly strong performances, particularly Marisa Tomei as a scene-stealing firecracker. Unfortunately, former America’s Next Top Model contestant Analeigh Tipton stole scenes for the opposite reason. We’ll chalk it up to her rookie onscreen status, but her overacting was at times unbearable. We also cared the least for her creepy older man-loving story line.

Tipton’s superfluous story line aside, Crazy, Stupid, Love. was enjoyable and surprisingly sweet. And while Gosling is one fine piece of man meat, he is proving himself to be an incredibly versatile, talented actor, and with two films out this summer, plus five major projects in the works, he’s not going anywhere. We aren’t complaining.

As though you needed reason beyond the “photoshop” scene, here are 10 GIFs that’ll make you rush out the door, grab a bucket of popcorn and don a bib for Gosling droolage. Read more…


Nobody Puts Rokey In The Corner

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Cutie patooties Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling hit Rockefeller Plaza this morning to promote their promising rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love. and nobody could have predicted what ensued. As the Today Show quartet chatted up the good-looking duo, it was suggested that Gosling reenact his Dirty Dancing-style lift he does in the film with Ann Curry. While she bashfully (and insanely!!!!) denied the opportunity for Gos to grab her waist, Al Roker gleefully stepped up to the plate. Buff Gosling didn’t turn down the challenge, and though it took three attempts, he finally got Roker airborn.

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