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Keri Russell’s The Americans Makes Us Wish These 5 Other Former Teen Stars Would Turn TV Spies

Keri Russell, Kristen Bell, Katie Holmes, Alexis Bledel, Linda Cardellini, Neve Campbell

Former TV teens we love: Keri Russell, Kristen Bell, Katie Holmes, Alexis Bledel, Linda Cardellini and Neve Campbell

Now that we’ve seen how much potential Keri Russell’s upcoming FX series, The Americans, has — thanks to a trailer posted last week and an eerie scene up on Buzzfeed this morning — we are crossing our fingers that she is part of a trend. With former My So Called Life star Claire Danes busting terrorists on Homeland, and Felicity alum Russell working as a Soviet spy living deeply undercover on this new show, the way has been paved for other former TV teens to make huge comebacks in dramas of their own.

Kristen Bell’s been making a career of quirky romantic comedies, but now that she’s expecting her first child, we can imagine her going back to her Veronica Mars roots and settling down into another sassy detective role. (It doesn’t have to be the long-promised grown-up version of VM, but pretty please, TV gods, can it be?) We got all excited for Alexis Bledel’s small guest stint on Mad Men — could the Gilmore Girl have been testing waters for a bigger part on the small screen? Seeing that Vanity Fair Freaks and Geeks reunion made us eager to see more of Linda Cardellini. And though Neve Campbell and Katie Holmes probably got their fill of soapy angst on Party of Five and Dawson’s Creek, we think they could thrive in good procedural mysteries or the like.

What kinds of TV shows would you pick for these ladies? Flip through photos of them in their memorable roles and today, and then share your ideas in the comments below!

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TV Worlds Collide! Mad Men‘s Pete Campbell Is Dating Rory Gilmore In Real Life!

Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser hooks up with guest star Alexis Bledel

It was weird enough when Rory Gilmore (better known as Alexis Bledel) time traveled back into 1966 and turned up on Mad Men as a clinically bummed out housewife. It got even weirder when the blue eyed beauty turned her affections toward Vincent Kartheiser’s character Pete Campbell of all people. Yes, he of the legendary bitch face! But now we have a report that the two actors are hooking up in real life, and our TV loving minds can’t handle it.

A witness spotted Alexis and Vincent getting cuddly while boring an airplane at JFK, and immediately shot Crushable the following email:

They came over to the gate right as I was boarding and I saw him first. His hair is fuller and he’s got a beard, but I recognized him right away. Then he walked over and a girl with him sat down and it was Rory fucking Gilmore. They are not sitting in first class but him right in front of her in middle seats. Guess they booked last minute. He was leaning over the back of his seat talking to her and leaned over and kissed her.

It’s an impressive score for Vincent, considering the scuzzy make under he received for this season of Mad Men. To give the illusion of a receding hairline, the dedicated actor had a small portion of his head shaved! “It would be shaved back every couple of episodes another quarter of an inch,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “Later, when it grew back in, it looked completely ridiculous, like a five o’clock shadow.” He also had to pack on the pounds to complete the whole “disgruntled middle aged dude without hope” look. “I gained about 25 pounds — none of it muscle. It was a very thin layer of hot fudge sundae, chicken wings and pizza.”

But at the end of the day, we guess Alexis was able to look past appearances and see Vincent for what he really is: a man without a toilet. Or maybe she has a thing for coworkers. She’s already dated fellow Gilmore Girls actor Milo Ventimiglia. We’re guessing she’s a method actress.

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Will Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 Finally Be Krysten Ritter’s Moment?

Veronica Mars was where we got our first glimpse of Krysten Ritter’s giant eyes, flawless skin and energetic nature. Her part was rather small, but very noticeable, and we thought big things were in Krysten’s future. She moved onto another small part in another much-loved series, Gilmore Girls, and we still thought she was just biding her time. We kept seeing her face, hearing her name associated with upcoming shows, and never really getting to know what she could do as a leading lady. Maybe if that Gossip Girl spin-off about Serena’s mom, Lily, we would now be referring to Krysten as “Carol Rhodes” in the same way we always just want to call Ed Westwick “Chuck Bass.” But it wasn’t meant to be. Nor were Gravity, or Love Bites. And a show called Woke Up Dead starring Jon Heder as a zombie wasted away on the streaming video network Crackle.

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But perhaps the world was just waiting for the awkwardly named but promisingly quirky comedy Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, premiering tonight on ABC. Krysten’s pretty funny as Chloe, the B in question who feels like she’s doing her roommates a service by making their lives a living hell. And we’re looking forward to seeing how she and Alicia Silverstone look as vampires in Clueless director Amy Heckerling’s movie Vamps. Is this finally Krysten’s moment? Let us know what you think after you tune in tonight!

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