Gimme Shelter

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Just How Alike Are Gimme Shelter Co-Stars Vanessa Hudgens And Rosario Dawson? We Quizzed Them To Find Out!

Vanessa Hudgens does her best to erase High School Musical from our collective memory with her new role as pregnant, homeless teen Apple Bailey in Gimme ShelterIt’s a mostly uplifting story, but the darkest scenes in the film belong to Rosario Dawson as Apple’s mom, and the moments the pair are onscreen together are intense and electric.

The two play mother and daughter, share a manager and have lead surprisingly parallel careers, so we wanted to test out each actress’ knowledge about the other. We quizzed the pair during a recent interview in Los Angeles. Just how well do they know the other? Watch and learn.

Gimme Shelter opens in theaters on January 24.



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Vanessa Hudgens Lived In A Homeless Shelter For Two Weeks For A Role

Vanessa Hudgens: Academy Award nominee. We’ll probably have to type out that exact same phrase again some day, if the lengths Hudgens went to in preparing for upcoming film Gimme Shelter are any indication. “I actually went and stayed in the shelter for two weeks before I started filming,” Hudgens said of her time living at a homeless shelter, which she revealed as part of her interview on The Rachael Ray Show. “I lived there with all the girls, with all the kids. It’s really empowering and it’s fun pushing yourself as far as you can.” Seeing as how Vanessa’s last film was Sucker Punch…this is some straight-up Daniel Day-Lewis ish in comparison.

While the former High School Musical star is currently promoting her action-adventure film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Vanessa is clearly interested in roles that require much more of a transformation. “[Rosario Dawson and I] look so messed up in this movie,” Hudgens remarked, describing her screen mom’s “meth head” look as well as her own character’s ragged, uneven ‘do. “I actually cut my own hair… I did that to myself, yes I did,” Vanessa added. Meanwhile Rosario Dawson will also be giving the performance of a lifetime in Gimme Shelter…as a woman old enough to be Vanessa Hudgens’ mom.

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