Girl Bands

by (@missmuttoo)

Kelly Clarkson Puts Together A New Girl Band!

Big news for Kelly Clarkson. We’ve always seen her as the kick-ass soloist that she is but it’s time to embrace her in her new avatar. Kelly has formed a girl band called Already Famous! It’s going to be a trio comprised of Kelly and her former backup singers Kate Rapier and Jill Pickering, and apparently they’ve already gone full speed ahead with recording! She tweeted that she was in Oklahama last week to lay down some songs with her new compadres. Already Famous even has its own Twitter page, so if you wanna know what Ms. Clarkson’s up to, you can check in. Big luck to the trio. We can’t help but wonder if America’s going to accept Kelly with a package. We’re all so used to seeing her killing the stage all on her own. Will two other people dilute her stage presence? Let us know.