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Andrew Rannells Doesn’t Want Your Handjob

On last night’s episode of Girls, Hannah arrived in pristine Iowa, where entire houses are cheaper than a corner of a roach-infested New York apartment and classmates are ready to compare her life’s work to 50 Shades of Grey. Change isn’t easy, but luckily her BFF Elijah (Andrew Rannells) was there to help her adjust. Marnie’s sex scene in the season premiere may still be a topic of conversation, but last night it was Elijah’s turn — even if what went down isn’t Rannells’ idea of fun. “Who gives handjobs?!” he asked during a recent trip to VH1. Our thoughts exactly.  Read more…

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10 Reasons Why Marnie on ‘Girls’ Doesn’t Suck

HBO‘s Girls has been met with a polarizing response through its entire run, but there’s one thing viewers can agree: Marnie is the worst. Played by Allison Williams, Marnie is the Brooklyn foursome’s resident buzzkill. The stuck-up country club card member who’ll homewreck a marriage without a decent apology, hook up with her BFF‘s ex-boyfriend out loneliness, and get salty and vindictive when one of her friends outperforms her at work. Basically, she’s not an easy person to deal with, but that doesn’t mean she’s the worst.
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We’ll Happily be Sir Jaime’s Right Hand! Our Sexiest TV Fantasy Boyfriends

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Dating in real life is no easy chore. If you take it online, you risk a steady stream of creepers and Catfishers who lie about their height and male pattern baldness. In real life, you’re dealing with douches at the bar who murmur things like “What’s your Facebook, sexy?’ with rank beer breath. Thus, it’s incredibly tempting to pretend that the hotties smoldering through our favorite TV shows are our boyfriends. They have perfect abs, luscious hair, flawless line delivery and never sweat — why not?

And there are so many of them to choose from. A fantasy boyfriend for every kind of girl! If you have a supernatural fetish, clearly you’d welcome a little bite from Vampire Diaries Ian Somerholder. Love vulgar, sexually bonkers weirdos with a heart of gold? Cut to Adam Driver on Girls! 

This weekend, take a break from real-life dating and fall hard for our ten favorite — if completely unavailable — TV boyfriends.

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Your Move: Girls Star Andrew Rannells On His Real-Life Friendship With Lena Dunham And Drunk Shopping

Girls star Andrew Rannells is delightful; a fountain of charm, kindness, and wit mixed together with, as Patti Lupone so perfectly summed up on last Sunday’s episode, the looks of “a f*cking Kennedy.” Better yet, he is incredibly talented, as evidenced by his hilarious turn as Hannah’s biting ex-boyfriend/ex-roommate/forever friend Elijah on Girls and his Tony-nominated performance as Elder Price in The Book of Mormon. And we were lucky enough to sit down with him recently for a chat over a game of checkers. (Which we may have played wrong, thanks to your trusty interviewer’s inability to recall how to play the most basic of childhood games. Oops.)

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Girls! Sex and the City! The Most Beloved Female Foursomes in TV

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What is it about a show following a foursome of fabulous women that makes it so compulsively watchable? Sex & the City, Designing Women, Girlfriends — the formula has been a proven hit, time after time. To figure out why, we of course have to refer to the OG of female foursome TV: The Golden Girls. Following the lives of sexy seniors raunching it up in a Miami retirement community, the multi-Emmy winner introduced the four archetypes that would be the secret sauce for the success of all it’s imitators: The Witty Everywoman (ie, the leader of the pack), the Innocent (ie, the lovable airhead), the Vixen (ie, the tart who’ll steal your man and giggle about it), and the Realist (ie, the wise-cracking shade-thrower). This combination? Ratings gold.

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