Giselle Bundchen

by (@katespencer)

The 5 Fugliest Vogue Covers of 2008

Today we came across Vogue‘s January 2009 cover, and marveled at the atrocity that is Anne Hathaway‘s mug. It’s not that she’s not pretty, but whoever is picking cover shots over at the fashion mag is doing a terrible job. Her face is vacant yet goofy, like someone just placed a plate of steaming hot Pillsbury crescent rolls in front of her and told her to go to town, right after she took a bong hit. That face may sell food, but it sure as hell doesn’t make us want to buy the latest issue of Vogue.

Anne’s awful cover shot reminded us of all the other duds Vogue has put out in 2008. We’ve picked out the five worst covers from this year, moments in which the pioneering publication has lagged way behind its peers in creativity, content and class. Let’s hope the fading rag will figure out a way to actually become en vogue once more.

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