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Have Mercy! Uncle Jesse Graces Glee Premiere

Glee guys and glamazons kicked their second season started off right last night with a party at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. A room full of young, talented and beautiful people, all dressed in fab threads…How could the night get any better? With an appearance from John Stamos of course! That’s right, the artist formerly known as Uncle Jesse is just one of the several famous famous we can expect to see popping up in the halls of William McKinley High School this season.

The season premiere is set to air on September 21st, and Rolling Stone reports that the Gleeks will be taking on Jay-Z‘s “Empire State of Mind,” Lady Gaga‘s “Telephone,” Travie McCoy‘s “Billionaire,” Poison‘s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” and several classic show tunes. Sadly we don’t see any tracks from Jesse and the Rippers. This better be fixed, or else someone’s going to be in big trouble, Mister.

Check out last nights’ fun in the gallery below!

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Glee’s Off-Set Drama Is Straight-Up Dirty


Here’s what you missed on Glee: Santana and Puck have apparently, been getting it on quietly, on the side. And hell hath no fury like a Cheerio scorned, because when bad-boy Puck decided to spread his, umm, “glee” to other willing candidates, Santana blew a major fuse and screwed up Puck’s car. Drama drama drama!

Sounds like a fun episode? What if we told you it actually went down, between actors Mark Salling and Naya Rivera, who were said to be bumping uglies off-screen. It’s never a good idea to hook up with a co-star,  dudes! And when she found out that musician Mark was singing tunes to other ladies, she went ballistic. The green-eyed monster in her ended up keying and egging his car, which just so happened to be a Lexus. OUCH. On another note: how much are these Glee kids making? ‘Cause a Lexus ain’t exactly cheap.

Salling’s peeps are totes defending his studly status, saying he did nothing wrong. His pal, singer  Samantha Marq quite rightly said, “…Besides, it’s hard to call it infidelity when they weren’t officially together!”

Naya, if you were ever planning to get it on with him again, messing his car was probably not the smartest way to go about it. But dare we say: we love the off-screen drama more than what’s on the show. Glee squee!

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Glee Star To Shave Head In Cruel Homage To Britney Spears’s Career/Insanity

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has epic plans for this upcoming season’s Britney Spears episode, and we could not be more thrilled with the crazy turn it has taken. According to Ryan, “We’re paying tribute to her in a sort of fun and unexpected way,” one of which entails Matthew Morrison‘s Will Schuester shaving off his hair, a la Spears’ breakdown!

If by “paying tribute” you mean “mocking the deepest moments of Britney’s personal despair,” then we can see where you’re coming from, Ryan. We can’t wait to see where else they’re going to steer this disaster-craft of an ep, so join us in considering what other infamous moments from Britney’s life they could parody to music on Glee:

  • After a bad reaction to an antihistamine, Rachel forgets how to sing, or even lip synch, during her solo performance of “Give Me More,”and just clomps around the stage like a water buffalo while everyone in America watches, cringing. Weave-ranger Kurt weeps, blames self.
  • Rachel’s heretofore unseen gay dads are granted conservatorship over the addled singer, only to be introduced as the new gym teacher and break-dance choreographer, respectively, to the strains of “Break the Ice.”
  • Sue and Will Schuester reenact the infamous Britney-Madonna-Christina kiss from the VMAs to the strains of Britney’s “3″, but instead of Madonna they will be smooching the lunch lady, guest star Susan Boyle.
  • Brittany repeatedly attacks Santana’s car with a golf umbrella, but only because she mistook it for a bear, to the strains of “Oops!…I Did It Again.”
  • Terri weeps through “(You Drive Me) Crazy” at the thought of losing custody of her two sons, until someone points out that she is just holding an armful of Cabbage Patch dolls. Terri is hauled away from Linen ‘N’ Things in an ambulance after smuggling all throw pillows out under her apron.


Lea Michele’s Topless Photo Shoot

lea-michele-200xStylist Mark Townsend has recruited Glee good girl Lea Michele for a very racy photo shoot that’s going to get the Gleek squad talking. Check out what was behind her poses for “Mark T Beauty,” as well as why she’s branching out to strike her goody-two-shoes image. [Photo: LimeLife]

Read the full story at LimeLife.


Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Just As Sick Of Glee As We Are


Well this is comforting, at least. Glee‘s creator, Ryan Murphy, has told the good people at Fox to tone down the Glee publicity bonanza because even he was starting to think that show choir was starting to oversaturate the pop culture world. Thank you, Ryan!

Murphy explained to New York Magazine that he felt like there was no end to the press surrounding his show and said “I think people are sick of me, I really do. I think people are like, ‘Shut the f*ck up!’ Even I feel sick of me! I looked at Entertainment Weekly today and there were like four things about me.” He worried about overexposure so he chose to pull back a bit, saying “At some point, even I was like, ‘Enough is enough…Let’s stop talking about it (so much).’ It’s been a concerted effort of mine to give it a breather.”

Hey, we’re glad he’s not like one of the characters on the show who never seem to tire of irritating us in new and interesting ways, so it’s a smart move. And even though we aren’t on the Glee train, it’s pretty cool that even Paul McCartney is a fan. The Beatle recently sent Murphy a note reading “Hi, Ryan, I hope you’d consider these songs for Glee” along with two mix CDs. Um, when Paul McCartney makes you a mix tape, you know you’ve made it. Color us jealous.

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Get Out Your Lassos, It’s The Glee Guest Star Round-Up


The announcements for next season’s Glee guest stars are coming fast and furious this summer, the latest being Cheyenne Jackson, recently known for snuggling up to co-worker Liz Lemon’s Tom Selleck-lush mustache on 30 Rock as Girlie Show actor Danny Baker. While it’s hard to know which rumors are real guest stars and which are the insane fantasies of our Glee-fevered mind, here are the peeps and whispers we’ve heard recently, complete with unsolicited opinions:

  • Uncle Jesse: Yes, we know John Stamos’s real name; we just do not care. Uncle John Jesse Stamos is reportedly starring as Emma Pillsbury’s inappropriately hot dentist boyfriend this coming season of Glee, and we just know she is going to blow it by trying to get with Schue again. Live in the now, Emma! We need someone to help us live out our early-nineties, Jesse and the Rippers, high-waisted pale wash jeans with white Reebok fantasies, and you are just the neurotic school guidance counselor to do it. Eyes on the prize, girl!
  • Javier Bardem: Does this choice seem hella out of left to anyone else? It’s easier to imagine Bardem kicking in our front door and taking us out with a bolt gun then doing a jazz square while belting one out to the cheap seats. That being said, any cameos that help people see him less as a serial killer and more as a charismatic dreamboat fine by us!
  • Charice:  Don’t know her. Was she on an early nineties sit-com? O, a Filipino pop-star, you say? Who will be Rachel’s nemesis? Hmmm, well, then I guess we are on board! Anything that takes that Berry girl down a peg is fine by us…
  • Katy Perry: This isn’t technically slated to actually happen yet, but Katy is hoping someone at Glee wants to do a very Perry episode soon, tweeting “Please! I would love somebody to start that Facebook group and persuade them. I would absolutely love that.” We hope they tell her to put an actual shirt on in front of the children at least; whip cream-related eye injuries blind over one American high school students a year. If not, maybe save it for the Rocky Horror Picture Show ep?
  • Britney Spears: Do you remember when Britney appeared on the 2007 VMAs, and the whole world was silently rooting for her to blow us out of the water and reclaim her crown as princess of pop? And then suddenly we all realized she had forgotten how to LIP SYNCH and had to bury our head in our hands until now? Like that, but on TV.

We also look forward to seeing other guest stars like Lady Gaga, Charo and Mr. Snuffleupagus. Or did we just make those up? We can’t distinguish between our waking life and our fantasy episodes of Glee anymore! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Charice Is Gleeful For Botox

If anyone thought the epidemic of barely-adults getting plastic surgery ended with Heidi Montag’s monstrous transformation, they thought wrong: even wholesome Glee kids are going under the knife. The Associated Press is reporting that Glee‘s Charice Pempengco went in for Botox injections and a skin tightening procedure to look “fresh on camera” for her television debut. She is 18.YEARS.OLD.

The same girl who recently tweeted, “Meetings : ) wee!!!” underwent a “30-minute Thermage skin-tightening procedure along with Botox” because according to celebrity plastic surgeon Vicki Belo, she allegedly wanted to make her round face more narrow. Contrarily, Charice’s rep is disputing the claims to US Weekly, saying that the Botox wasn’t to change her appearance but to “relieve a jaw problem similar to TMJ.” You’re kidding, right?

Only a celebrity would be able to come up with a “TMJ-like condition” to excuse her obsessive need for her skin to be tightened and expect us to believe it. That’s like saying Heidi got her non-existent back fat scooped out because she was experiencing chronic back pain. We may not be doctors, but we could play ones on TV. Diagnosis: dumb move.


It’s Official: Glee To Do Britney Spears Episode


Yay: it’s been confirmed: Glee wants a piece of Britney Spears! Nay: unfortunately, the pop star may not be making an appearance on the Emmy-nominated show.

The anticipation of whether or not she would have her own episode like Lady Gaga and Madonna has been eating at us for months, back in April, Britney’s manager campaigned on Twitter saying that she would love to see Brit appear on Glee which series creator Ryan Murphy responded to with definite interest. Murphy appeared on Entertainment Tonight recently saying, “We are writing a Britney Spears episode.”

Due to conflicting sources, we just have to wait and see if the “…Baby One More Time” singer will actually go on the show or if it will be a tribute episode like Lady Gaga and Madonna had. Maybe if  the boisterous YouTube star and avid Britney fan Chris Crocker makes another one of his passionate pleas Britney will appear on the show (Hint! Hint!).

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So This Is Happening: Javier Bardem Will Sing On Glee


Javier Bardem will be the latest A-lister to pass through Glee’s revolving door of guest spots. No, he will not be reprising his Oscar-winning role as the shaggy-haired outburst-prone psychotic hitman from No Country For Old Men, because there’s already one Sue Sylvester. reports that he will instead be playing an international rock star who befriends the nerdy Artie Abrams. The two are even rumored to share a duet!

“We are going to rock the house,” Bardem assured EW, “We’re going to do some heavy metal-Spanish heavy metal, which is the worst.” He pitched the idea himself while being directed by the show’s creator Ryan Murphy in this summer’s Eat Pray Love. The Spanish heart-throb is apparently a hard-core Gleek after having watched the entire first season in week.

As much as we’re looking forward to seeing the smoldering leading man rock out in the McKinley High School auditorium, we can’t help but worry that all of the famous faces might distract from the story of the super talented students. Are the celebs simply icing on the cake, or is it coming dangerously close to shark-jumping? Let us know what you think, Gleeks!

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