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Lea Michele’s 10 Leggiest Looks From Her Glee Shoot This Weekend

Lea Michele's leggiest looks of the weekend

Lea Michele went on a filming marathon this weekend as she and some of her fellow Glee costars filmed on location all around New York City. And we mean all around. It seemed exhausting, but on the upside it gave her a chance to bust out some seriously killer skirts! The starlet traveled up and down Manhattan showing off some dance moves and flaunting her fab legs.Just looking at all the wardrobe changes kind of wears us out! She was filmed in Battery Pack mouthing No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” to boyfriend Corey Monteith, strolling 14th Street with Chris Colfer and hanging out with Dean Geyer around Washington Square Park.

Lea stuck to loose sundresses for her personal attire over the weekend, but the preppy fall couture she was forced to don as Rachel Berry have been pretty rough considering the summer heat! The shoot had more costume changes than a Lady Gaga concert, so we collected her 10 leggiest looks from just this weekend alone! OK, so we snuck in one that wasn’t from the shoot, but a pic she tweeted from her new Candies ad campaign. But we bet you’ll get over it. Enjoy the hot legs, cool clothes, and sneak peek from the upcoming 4th season of the hit series!

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Teen Choice Awards’ Worst-Dressed: We Hate To Include Darren Criss, Demi Lovato And More

Worst styles at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

The timing and mood of the Teen Choice Awards make the show a great place to see young Hollywood and music stars show off their relaxed, beachy best. Unfortunately, it seems like too many of these stars seem to think it’s a good time to give their stylists the day off and get a little TOO relaxed. A lot of the celebs you’ll see in the gallery below are not offensively dressed, necessarily. It’s just that we wish Selena Gomez, Nikki Reed, Darren Criss and the like would have taken bigger risks and had more fun with their outfits. Others, especially lesser known stars like Crystal Reed or frequent risk-takers like TCA co-hosts Kevin McHale and Demi Lovato, took their risks a little too far. We don’t want to punish you for trying, guys. It’s just that someone had to make this list.

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Emmy Snubs: Which Of Your Faves Didn’t Make The Cut?

Alexander Skarsgard, Cheryl Hines, Andrew Lincoln

We’re going to treat this space as a bit of an open ranting thread for any of you left huffing and puffing about the TV Academy being stuck in their ways and ignoring your favorite TV shows in the 64th Primetime Emmy nominations list. For the most part, we’re actually pretty happy with the nominees — there are a few surprises that make it seem like this show might actually be a little hipper than years past. But still, there are some GLARING omissions. Here are the snubs we’re kinda peeved about:

Vampires: Sure, True Blood and Vampire Diaries are soapy and campy (that’s why we love them). But Alexander Skarsgard displayed some serious acting chops when Eric lost his memory last season. (He displayed some other things too, that should win all the awards.)

The Walking Dead: As Andrew Lincoln’s Rick struggled to keep the group together, maintain his friendship with Shane and survive the zombie apocalypse, his performance often left us breathless.

Glee: Dot-Marie Jones was rightly nominated for guest performance, but Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Diana Agron and Naya Rivera all had some seriously dramatic moments that drove us to tears.
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Glee‘s Cory Monteith Says Finn Has To “Suck It Up” For The Army

Some of us Glee fans are still in denial about the bomb Finn dropped at the end of the season finale: As he sent Rachel off to New York on her own, he revealed that he’d enlisted in the army. It seems like a well-meaning attempt to fix the memory of his father, whose drug addiction (likely due to PTSD) led to a dishonorable discharge and his untimely death. But we’re all left wondering: Can a softhearted glee club alum like Finn survive boot camp, let alone going into battle? At San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, our own Kate Spencer asked Cory Monteith how he thinks his character will make it.

“He’s really going to have to learn some discipline and learn how to suck it up and not be a high-schooler about things,” Monteith told VH1. “He’s gonna have to learn how to be a man pretty quickly. That’s what I think. He’s going to have to toughen up pretty quickly.”

This sounds like no fun at all. Go back in time and join Rachel in New York, Finn! There are lots of schools in the city that would love to have you! Why don’t you ever listen to us when we yell at you from our living rooms?

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Glee’s Darren Criss Is Looking Forward To A Kurt-Blaine “Shake-Up” Next Season

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Glee‘s Lea Michele Has To “Let Go” Of Her New York State Of Mind Next Season

When Finn put Rachel on the train to New York at the end of last season of Glee, we were both thrilled that she was going to live her dream and sad that it had to be at the cost of her relationship. For us at home, the New York move means Glee will be a whole new show in season four, but we wondered if this will feel like deja vu for actress Lea Michele, a New York native and Broadway star before she made the switch to TV.

“Rachel’s only been to New York once prior to being put on the train,” Michele told VH1 when we caught up with her at San Diego Comic-Con. “So I think I have to let go of everything I know about New York and try to see it through new eyes.”
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Glee‘s Darren Criss Is Looking Forward To A Kurt-Blaine “Shake-Up” Next Season

We’ve always thought Kurt and Blaine’s relationship on Glee was the sweetest, most real thing about the show. Then again, we were totally amused when their comfort together introduced the concept of “lesbian bed death” to the kids. When Kate Spencer caught up with Darren Criss at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, it sounded like he agreed on both fronts.

“We’ve kind of established a Ross and Rachel [relationship],” Criss told VH1. “I’m not saying they’re going to break up. I have no idea. But there’s a definite connection there that hopefully will be there till the end of whatever the show may be. But I think we’d like to see some shake-up. We are verging on old married couple territory.”
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Bikini Awards: Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba And Anne Hathaway Lead The Leading Ladies

Bikini awards hollywood's leading ladies

Welcome back to the ever-popular and much beloved VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards! Yes, it’s that time of year again, where we pit your favorite stripped down celebs against one another to see has the most bangin’ bikini bod of 2012. Happy summer, folks!

Any D-lister knows that all they gotta do to make headlines is strut their stuff beachside in as little clothing as possible. But amazingly, this same trick also works for the Hollywood elite! No matter how big their movies open, superstars in bikinis will always lead the news. And 2012 has been no different! Fresh off her unfortunate phone hacking, Scarlett Johansson forgot her troubles (and Sean Penn) under the hot tropical sun. Jessica Alba showed off her toned torso mere months after giving birth to her second daughter Haven, while Anne Hathaway showed off her Catwoman-worthy body and new haircut! Big screen badass Michelle Rodriguez hit up Cap d’Antibes, and Gabrielle Union kept it right here in the USA as she basked in the Miami heat.

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Lea Michele’s 14 Tattoos: Where Is She Hiding Them?

Lea Michelle shows her tattoos

While Rachel Berry would probably never get a tattoo — she’d fear it would affect her ability to get cast as a young Barbra Streisand or maybe, out of respect for Jewish law — we’ve all seen evidence that Lea Michele thinks differently. We didn’t know how differently until last night, when the Glee star appeared on Late Night With David Letterman and shocked the host by telling him she actually has 14 tattoos, most of them in “secret spots.”

“You have 14 secret spots?!” Letterman asked incredulously. Yes, but not much more than that, she said. And most of these tats, she explained, were done on family outings, when the whole Safarti (that’s her real surname) clan apparently get “super sentimental” and get inked together. That is basically one of the best reasons to get a tattoo we can ever imagine. So where are all these secret spots? We can’t locate many in the photos we have available to us. But here’s what we found:

1. The music notes on her shoulder:
Lea Michele's tattoo
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Glee’s Season 3 Finale: Celebrate Graduation With A Fashion Flashback!

Heather Morris, Jenna Ushkowitz, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele on Glee

As much as Glee is about singing and tolerance and bullying and domestic violence and young love, it also is about fashion. I mean, in last week’s episode, even Principal Figgins noted the evolution of Tina Cohen-Chang’s wardrobe. And nothing pointed out the characters’ individual fashion sense as much as the character swapping they did in “Props.” That’s why, as we brace ourselves for tonight’s graduation episode, and the summer hiatus to follow, we thought we’d look back at some of our favorite outfits from the season.

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In looking through the Fox-provided stills from season three, we noticed a few interesting things: 1) There’s not much of Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) — her character took a backseat for most of the season, so we’ve been deprived of her adorable, early-’60s-inspired dresses. 2) Rachel Berry’s wardrobe has hardly changed through the seasons, though there were a few standout dresses that might show signs she’ll eventually stop dressing like a 12-year-old. 3) We want all of Sugar’s and Quinn’s sweaters. And 4) Figgins was right, Tina has made an amazing fashion transformation, for the better.

Last week, we asked Jenna Ushkowitz what she thinks Tina’s next fashion identity might be. Here’s what she said:

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Twice As Nice: Lea Michele Is Leggy And Very Fashionable For Letterman

Lea Michele on David Letterman

Lea Michele has been popping up on best-dressed lists a lot, now that she’s managed to tone down that bout of super-charged “I am sexy” vibe she was channeling up until recently. We’re choosing to forget moments like Lea’s SAG awards vamp-romp and now focusing on moments like these — where she triumphs not only once, but twice in one day. The Glee actress arrived for a taping for The Late Show With Dave Letterman in New York City in the outfit you see on the left. Basically, she’s that girl you see prancing around with the best legs and hair ever, looking runway ready, but will say something like, “This old thing?” when asked about her outfit. But we digress. The ensemble worn to the set consists of that tiny, flirtatious Jenni Kayne skirt, Zadig & Voltaire jacket and Jimmy Choo booties.

Once inside, Lea pumped up the sex appeal for the actual show, but in the right way. We love that white Amen dress, especially with the Christian Louboutin heels and Lorraine Schwartz jewels. Also shows just how tiny she is! Perfect hair, perfect makeup and perfect styling. Take a bow, Ms. Lea Michele.

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