Golden Globes 2010


After The Golden Globes: Who’s Hooking Up?


We’ve already buzzed about Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s close encounters at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, and a source at Page Six confirmed that the pair was indeed making out in the kitchen of the Beverly Hilton after they presented together. Stay classy, Butlerston. (Wait, no – Anisbut. Please let  that catch on.) But there were also plenty of other hookup rumors abounding after the ceremony.

At the HBO after-party following the Globes, Straw Dogs co-stars Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard were seen doing their fair share of butt-grabbing and kissing. Skarsgard reportedly denied seeing anyone when an E! reporter asked him earlier that night, so maybe he was just getting a closer look as Bosworth’s multicolored eyes. The weirdest pairing we’ve heard of, though, is the rumored hookup between Mad Men‘s January Jones and everyone’s favorite mercury-survivor Jeremy Piven. The pair was seen canoodling at the awards and then left an after-party at Chateau Marmont together. Between Jones’ crappy appearance on SNL earlier this season and now this, we’re thinking maybe Betty Draper’s humorless personality and taste in sketchy men isn’t really a stretch after all.

If people are this frisky at the Golden Globes, we can’t wait to see what’ll happen at the Oscars. [Photo: Getty Images]


The Hottest Awards Season Accessory: Golden Globes


Tonight the Hollywood Foreign Breast Press Association recognized actors and filmmakers at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Tinseltown’s sexiest were on the red carpet, including Halle Berry, Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men,” and PreciousMariah Carey. But we hardly noticed their designer gowns, gigantic jewels, and flawless makeup, because we were too busy focusing on that other enormous accessory of the evening: their, uh, globes. Plunging necklines were abound tonight and we’ve got photographic evidence. Warning: lovely ladies lumps and bumps ahead. [Photos: Getty Images]

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30 Best Dressed Ladies At The Golden Globes


Rain be damned! Hollywood’s elite came out for the Golden Globes in their finest, and man did they do it up right! Emily Blunt continued her streak as a red carpet princess in a pink frilly number, Marion Cotillard‘s sexy slit revealed some black lace, Tina Fey channeled Marilyn Monroe in a 50s-inspired frock, Sandra Bullock was bold in bright purple, and Olivia Wilde sizzled in a shimmery Gucci gown. Check out our top 30 best dressed A-list ladies below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Julia Roberts Trashes NBC Live On The Air

The best moment at tonight’s Golden Globes didn’t happen inside the Beverly Hilton. Nope, Julia Roberts took the crown on the red carpet, while chatting it up in an interview with NBC’s own Billy Bush before the show began. The actress, along with pals Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, screeched out a birthday wish to Michelle Obama, and then blurted out to Bush, “NBC? You guys are in the toilet right now!”

We’re certain the star was referencing the current drama between Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno, and we admire her bluntness, even if it may have been influenced by a few glasses of champagne in the limo ride beforehand. But the best part of all is that NBC – who aired the Globes – has embedded the video of her dissing the network for all the world to see. They’re either in on the joke, or they don’t get it at all.

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Are Jen And Gerard Doing It, Or Not?


Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler looked thisclose at tonight’s Golden Globes. Sure, champagne can make even mortal enemies canoodle, but these two seemed awfully touchy-feely, both while sitting together during the ceremony and backstage in the press room (pics below). While they may just be trying to build buzz for their upcoming flick The Bounty Hunter, we kinda like seeing Jen let down her guard a bit and get giggly with her hunky co-star. Did you see how much leg she was flaunting tonight? Surely she was showing off for someone special, right? [Photo: NBC]

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Sandy And Meryl Ready To Battle For Best Actress Oscar


Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep may have kissed at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (they tied for Best Actress, natch), but it’s about to get nasty. Both are leaving the Golden Globes with a statue in hand – Sandy for Best Actress in a Drama, Meryl for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical – which can only mean one thing – they’re the two top contenders for the Best Actress Academy Award. Gulp.

We caught the gal pals in the press room at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, and they were buddy-buddying it up big time. But Sandy has yet to snag an Oscar nom, and Meryl hasn’t won since 1982, for Sophie’s Choice. Think these two classy ladies can remain civil, or will the race to the Oscars get nasty?

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Men Show Off Manners, Rain-Soaked Tuxedos At Golden Globes


Sure, the women looked gorgeous in their Golden Globes gowns, but it was the guys who stole our hearts. After all, nothing says sexy like a rain-soaked tuxedo and a thick head of slicked-back hair. And they showed their manners too – did you see how many of the fellas politely held umbrellas for their lovely ladies on the red carpet? Now that’s sexy.  [Photos: GettyImages]

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Julianne Sizzles At The CCMAs, Fizzles At Golden Globes


Julianne Moore stunned in red at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, but showed up at the Golden Globes red carpet tonight looking like she grabbed the nearest Hefty bag and spiced it up with some electric tape around the top. And that seam..ugh, that seam! It gives her entire body a serious case of camel toe. We once saw the actress at our local pharmacy in cargo pants and a hoodie and we were still wowed,  so it takes a lot to make this beauty look busted. We’re already looking forward to some fashion redemption at the Oscars red carpet. It can only get better from here, Jules!  [Photos: GettyImages]


Critics’ Choice Awards Live Blog Party


The media is going gaga over Sunday’s Golden Globes, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, people. Do the Globes have Nick Jonas & The Administration as its house band? Do the Globes have Adam Lambert and Sarah Silverman presenting an award together (spoiler: expect something memorable)? Are John Krasinski, Amy Poehler and Death Cab for Cutie paying tribute to John Hughes at the Golden Globes? True, the Globes have funnyman Ricky Gervais as its host, but is he as easy on the eyes as funny girl and CCMA host Kristin Chenoweth? Of course not!

That’s why you’ll want to watch VH1 tonight at 9PM EST (red carpet, 8:30) and join our Critics’ Choice Blog Party right here or via mobile by texting PARTY to 22422. Blogging along with us are our pals Moviefone, The Envelope, The Huffington Post, BestWeekEver and fashion experts Refinery29.

Expect to see most actors nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award at the show (we’re talking A-listers at the George Clooney/Meryl Streep/Matt Damon level), plus a lineup of presenters that includes Kristen Bell, Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Vera Farmiga, Heather Graham, Samuel L. Jackson, Tobey Maguire, Amy Poehler, Zoe Saldana and Susan Sarandon. Critics’ Choice is known as the best barometer for who will win at the Academy Awards. So use tonight to start filling out your Oscar ballots.