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by (@shalapitcher)

Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston Top Google’s Celeb Haircuts List

No, the fact that Justin Bieber’s, Jennifer Aniston’s and Emma Watson’s haircuts were the most searched-for haircuts of 2011 is not Earth-shattering news by any means. What we do find entertaining, however, is the fact that Google seems to have taken a lot of time measuring something like this. Click around the site’s 2011 Zeitgeist feature and you’ll find all sorts of not-very-shocking info (Bieber is the most-searched person, Rebecca Black is the fastest rising, Kim Kardashian and William and Kate had the most popular weddings, etc.) laid out in very nifty-looking bar graphs. This is the perfect toy to play with as we wait out our office-party hangover. If that seems like too much math for your foggy brain, just click through our gallery of the year’s top 10 celebrity haircuts, according to the Zeitgeist.

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[Photos: Twitter, Google, Getty Images]