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by (@katespencer)

Gossip Break: New York Ladies Mob Rob

Rob Pattinson Mobbed

  • Marilyn Manson has gotten a bit chunky round the middle. Apparently he uses donut powder to whiten his face. [Buzzfeed]
  • John Mayer gleefully twittered all about his drunk friend’s stomach getting pumped. TMI?  [DListed]
  • The trailer for The Time Traveler’s Wife was long and boring. Bad omen for the real thing?  [Videogum]
  • Matt Damon is a wicked awesome family guy.  [PopSugar]
  • Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is filming a new flick in downtown NYC, and as usual the ladies are going nuts.  [GossipGirls]
  • Sarah Palin‘s fans wanted David Letterman fired. Sarah Palin wants attention.  [PopEater]
  • Katie Holmes has got legs, but does she know how to use them?  [JustJared]
  • BritBrit takes her boys toy shopping in London. [PITNB]
  • Shaq tweets the greats NBA Finals recap ever. [BWE]

[Photo: Splash News Online]