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Gossip Break: No Baby For Halle


  • Halle Berry: Definitely not with child. [DListed]
  • Lake Lure, NC, the town where Dirty Dancing was filmed, is holding a memorial for Patrick Swayze this weekend. The Lift will not be forgotten. [PopEater]
  • Proving once again she can morph into any part, Cate Blanchett played the role of our Nana’s favorite afghan yesterday. [BWE]
  • The Answer: Wolf Blitzer. The Question: Who is a really bad “Celebrity Jeopardy” contestant? [Buzzfeed]
  • R.I.P. “Guiding Light.” Riiiiiiick! [ONTD]
  • Martha Stewart should work on her pup-side manner after criticizing Jessica Simpson for losing her dog. [NYPost]
  • Katherine Heigl might be annoying, but man is her new baby cute. [PITNB]


Gossip Break: The Return Of The Golden Girls!


  • The Golden Girls are back! Well, sort of. En Español. [Jezebel]
  • Set your Tivo, the cast of Mad Men will be on Oprah on Monday! [Buzzfeed]
  • Madonna‘s brother dissed her VMA look – is it any wonder they don’t speak? [Celebitchy]
  • Ugh, even the Gosselin‘s dogs are victims of their divorce mess. [Dlisted]
  • Now why couldn’t J. Lo have dressed like this at the VMAs? [JustJared]


Gossip Break: Joe Jackson’s Mystery Date Is Revealed


  • That busty lady on Joe Jackson‘s arm at the VMAs is a recording artist he reps named Taina. [Bossip]
  • First David Silver witnessed his best friend shoot himself on 90210, now his girlfriend is threatening to shoot him too? [Dlisted]
  • Posh says she’s sick of being the funny one. Ohhhkay? [PITNB]
  • Remember LeeLee Sobieski? No? Well, she’s pregnant. [PopEater]
  • Has Kanye wronged you? Create your own ALL CAPS plea for forgiveness with this Kanye Apology Generator. [Buzzworthy]

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Gossip Break: Christian Takes Credit For Kate Gosselin’s ‘Do


  • Project Runway‘s Christian Siriano thinks Kate Gosselin stole his hair. We ask him: do you really want to take credit for that? [JustJared]
  • Oh wait, Kate just changed her hair for The View! [Jezebel]
  • Jennifer Garner: You kiss your mother with that potty mouth? [Celebitchy]
  • Ed Westwick gets 2 tattoos, making like that much harder for Gossip Girl makeup artists who will need to cover them up. [PITNB]
  • Michelle Williams looks amazing opens up about paparazzi, love, and Heath Ledger in Vogue’s October issue. [PopEater]
  • The only way we’re getting this Inspector Gadget theme out of our head is by humming The Smurfs theme instead. [Buzzfeed]

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Gossip Break: Serena’s Threats Cost Her $10k

  • Serena Williams was fined $10,000 for threatening a line judge at the U.S. Open. Please don’t shove a tennis ball down our throat for reporting it, Serena. [DListed]
  • Is this the Sex And The City film set, or the Babysitters Club? [PITNB]
  • Hooker-biting Sham-Wow spokescreep Vince Shlomi is now…designing bathing suits? [NY Daily News]
  • John Travolta and Kelly Preston make their first public appearance since the death of son, Jett. [PopEater]
  • Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper – hugging it out, bitches. [Lainey Gossip]
  • Run, Johnny, run! John Mayer flees NYC bar after another patron was stabbed. [NY Post]
  • Don’t dis George Clooney or else he’ll call you out for being at fatso. [Jezebel]

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Gossip Break: Lindsay Loves The Bad Press


  • Keep it comin’ folks! Lindsay Lohan says she loves all the attention. [DListed]
  • Two members of the LAPD have been busted for leaking that picture (yes, that one) in the Rihanna-Chris Brown case. [PopEater]
  • More shots of the Twilight cast shooting in Toronto. Can you handle it?! (No, we cant.)  [PITNB]
  • Mischa Barton on “The View”: “I’m so fine now.” Um, yeah right girlfriend. [Evilbeet]
  • This is enthralling (and possibly fake): a woman in Denmark made a video searching for a guy she had a one night stand – and a baby – with.  [Buzzfeed]

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Gossip Break: Tyra Takes Awkward To A Whole New Level

  • Christmas came early this year: Tyra Banks gave the most uncomfortable interview ever. But damn, are her eyes smiling! [EvilBeet]
  • Yep, we’re counting the days until the Oprah Winfrey-Whitney Houston interview. Dirty details please, O! [PITNB]
  • Mickey Rourke continues to score hot chicks while still looking like the Grim Reaper’s first cousin. [PopEater]
  • Drew Barrymore debuts a new short do, and it’s adorable. Of course. [LaineyGossip]
  • Courtney Love is now blogging on Tumblr. This might just make the internet explode. [Buzzfeed]
  • Get your daily “Seriously Lady Gaga, WTF are you wearing? I mean I know I said this yesterday, but today I really mean it” fix here! [BWE]
  • Now’s your chance to listen to messages left on Lindsay Lohan‘s voicemail. It’s almost as depressing as her Twitter.  [DListed]
  • Think your precious pup has more attitude than Tinkerbell Hilton or London Spears? Enter them in the Diva Doggie Photo Contest – the 5 cutest canines with the most votes could win prizes worth up to $2700! Now that’s something to bark about.

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Gossip Break: Really? These Two Might Be A Couple?


  • Ellen Pompeo‘s hubby is being accused of cheating on his pregnant wife. If it’s true, we can call him McCheaty. [DListed]
  • Best rumor of the day: John Mayer is allegedly doing the nasty with reality TV airhead Kristin Cavallari. [PopSugar]
  • Cue the man tears: Megan Fox says she will never make a sex tape. [PopEater]
  • Yep, we’ve got U.S. Open fever too. The world is going Oudin-crazy! [Buzzfeed]
  • Beatles Rock Band finally hit shelves today. In honor of all the BRB parties surely happening tonight (uh, at our house), BWE’s got the 10 Beatles Covers That Are Worse Than Yours. [BWE]
  • Tyra Banks is bringing her uh, wit and wisdom to the web with a new online lifestyle site.  [Videogum]

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Gossip Break: Jon Whines His Life Away

  • Peter Andre and Katie Price are officially dunzo. Maybe they could do some sort of divorced double date with Jon and Kate Gosselin?  [DListed]
  • Danny DeVito just joined Twitter, which means your mom is just a tweet away from signing up. [Buzzfeed]
  • Jon Gosselin can’t stop whining about his ex-wife, which is his second favorite hobby after walking around in flip flops and bangin’ desperate twenty-somethings. He’s a catch ladies! [Popeater]
  • Matt Damon and his wife Luciana work it on The Informant red carpet. [Jezebel]
  • Here’s something we’d never thought we’d see: Britney Spears covered Alanis Morrisette in concert. [PopSugar]
  • OMG OMG OMG – the Twilight cast went out in daylight! [LaineyGossip]


Gossip Break: Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo Are Back On!


  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, what celebrity has the hottest bikini body of them all? [Popeater]
  • The world’s smallest dog has passed away. [DListed]
  • It was destined to happen: The “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ porno. [BWE]
  • Play the “Big Brother” face-off game! [PopsugarUK] [Photo: Getty Images]