Got Milk?

by (@missmuttoo)

Nina Dobrev And Her Mother Team Up For A Cute “Got Milk?” Campaign

Nina Dobrev and her mother, Michaela, for Got Milk?

This made me want to run out and get something for my Mom! Mother’s Day is around the corner, guys. Time to get some pampering done for the maters. Having said that, the timing of this “Got Milk?” campaign featuring Nina Dobrev and her mother, Michaela, is perfect and so incredibly wholesome! This is the launch of the “Like Her, Like Me”  program, which aims at celebrating the powerful and positive bonds between mothers and daughters. Nina and her mom are also teaming up with Seventeen magazine, to hunt for three mother-daughter pairs who have that sort of tight relationship. The duo who wins gets their own  “Got Milk?” ad, just like Nina and Michaela, which will be released this fall.

There’s a behind-the-scenes video right after the jump, which also reveals that Nina got her love for yoga from her Mom. It also explains the “Like Her, Like Me” program in detail, so have a look. Read more…