Grammy Awards 2011


J. Lo Injured At Grammys By Her Own Spiked Louboutins

Jennifer Lopez looked gorgeous at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, but she had to pay a price for her look. Radar reports that Lopez stabbed herself in the leg with one of the spikes adorning her Christian Louboutin heels while she got ready in her dressing room just before she had to go onstage during the broadcast.

A source tells Radar “Her stylist was freaking out because Jennifer accidentally punctured herself with one of the many spikes on her shoes. It was a small puncture, but the blood wouldn’t stop and J-Lo still had to present an award.” Lopez’ injury was bad enough that paramedics were called to treat the wound and bandage it so she could fulfill her duties as presenter. The injury didn’t seem to impair her while she was onstage, fortunately, and she looked so stunning that no one seemed to notice her Band-Aid.

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Glee Star Kevin McHale Sings Along To Nicki Minaj, Hopes He And Rihanna “Can Put A Leash On It”

You know the old saying, “If you like it, then you should put a ring on it”? Well, hate to inform you but that’s so last decade, y’all. When VH1’s own Janell Snowden caught up with Glee stars Kevin McHale and Matthew Morrison on the red carpet of the Grammys last night, we got the firsthand scoop that something a little more kinky has emerged on the scene in 2011.

In case you missed his outfit last night, McHale — who you’ll know as the wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams on America’s hottest TV show — was wearing a holster-ish accessory over his shoulders. “It’s a little S&M meets James Bond,” he explained to Janell. “I’m promoting Rihanna’s new single [“S&M”]. I just need to see her and tell her we can put a leash on it.” Hi-yo!

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They’re On The Wrong Track, Baby, They Were Dressed This Way: Top 10 Grammy Awards WTF Fashion Moments

This year’s Grammy Awards were very good to Lady Antebellum and Arcade Fire (winners of Song/Record of the Year and Album Of The Year, respectively). They were not, however, quite as good to the ten people that you’ll see below. Whereas the likes of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez scored high in our gallery of the Top 15 Sexiest Grammy Awards outfits, we had some reservations about some of the fashion choices made by Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, Cee Lo Green, Lenny Kravitz and more this evening. Sure, some of these outfits weren’t meant to be taken seriously (hi Cee Lo!), but they still had us scratching our heads and asking ourselves, “WTF?!?”

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