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Greetings From Saint-Tropez: Imaginary Postcards From Our Fave Celebs

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Saint-Tropez, a once-sleepy fishing town on the French Riviera, owes a lot to the stars. It was the 1956 French movie And God Created Woman, starring blond bombshell Brigitte Bardot, that put the place on the map, instantly transforming it into a playground for the rich and famous. So, no, it wasn’t Diddy who made this place hot. But we did wonder why the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce, Neil Patrick Harris, Kate Moss, Rihanna and more choose to park their yachts there, of all places.

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It’s a good thing they sent us all these postcards to tell us why they love Saint-Tropez. Wish we were there!

Here, for extra viewing pleasure, is a clip from And God Created Woman.

[Photos: Splash News Online, Turner Classic Movies]

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