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Gabby Douglas Tells Vanity Fair That A Gym Staffer Suggested She Get A Nose Job. We Can’t Even.

Gabby Douglas Tells Vanity Fair Former Gym Staffer Said She Needed A Nose Job

Gabby Douglas‘ new Vanity Fair story, in which she discusses being the target of racist bullying from other gymnasts, has certainly opened our eyes. Opened our eyes to how foolish people are acting all the time! In her interview, the Olympic gold medalist says that her fellow gymnasts at Excalibur gym in Virginia Beach not only stole her shirt (“You don’t actually take by mistake someone’s clothes,” she explains) and laughed at her, but that an “Excalibur staff member told her she might want to consider reconstructive surgery on her nose because of its flatness.” Ugh, why was that person even allowed to work with 13-year-old girls in the first place? You can’t go around criticizing their faces! Head Excalibur coach Dena Walker, however, told VF that Douglass nose job claim was “a joke” and accused Gabby of having a “bad attitude.” Do…do people not know what jokes are anymore? Those whole story is giving us a bad attitude.

Despite Gabby’s numerous stories of bullying from her fellow athletes, it seems like the gym is sticking to their claim that Douglas is making all this up for some reason that they have yet to explain to the rest of us. “We did with Gabby far beyond what are our coaches’ duties. We are proud of what we did. How is it possible . . . to not recognize that she reached [her] level with our help, our economic support, our passion and our love?” Excalibur CEO Gustavo Moure told the magazine. We know it’s complicated, but…can’t all those things be true at the same time? *Sigh* We miss the Olympics…

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