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McKayla Maroney Continues To Be Very Unimpressed

Olympic gymnast/ace vaulter/Internet meme McKayla Maroney has taken her adorable “McKayla Is Not Impressed” face on the press tour. Last night, the Fierce Five delivered Stephen Colbert a pen in a way only they could (on their hands, with flips and split leaps)…McKayla was left less than impressed.

Then the pint-sized fivesome took their charm to The Late Show, where (while sitting on the world’s saggiest couch) they demonstrated what their Mememate had taught them in the art of looking less than enthused.

And if you need to waste an hour or three today, peruse the continuously updated McKayla Is Not Impressed Tumblr (brainchild of VH1’s own Gavin Alaoen!) Our own submission below, from last week’s Dougie lesson on the Today Show:

Sure, we enjoyed the Olympics, but this Tour de Smirks is proving to be even more entertaining.

Full Colbert Report and Tonight Show clips below.

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Aly Raisman To The Rescue! Individual Gold Saves Team USA From Ending Gymnastics On A Sour Note

Team USA Gymnastics

Good news first: Aly Raisman rocked the floor today on the last day of gymnastics competition in London. Aly became the first American woman ever to win the floor exercise at the Olympics, after increasing her degree of difficulty and shining in her routine to attain a score of 15.6. We’re always taken aback by incredible individuals like Aly. To execute skill and athleticism in such an immaculate way under pressure is just mind blowing. When asked how she was able to deliver a routine like that she said, “I felt like I had nothing to lose. It was going to be my last memory for London, so I just wanted to make it count and enjoy it.” As if earning the gold wasn’t enough, earlier in the day she won a bronze medal in the balance beam, which came after winning an appeal with the judges and then a tiebreaker with Catalina Ponor of Romania. (After she lost the tie-breaker for bronze in the all-around, this was a huge relief!)

And then there’s the bad news. We’re really happy Aly did so well, because the story wasn’t as happy for her teammates. All-around gold medalist Gabby Douglas had a disappointing day, finishing seventh on balance beam after a nasty fall. Yesterday, Gabby also failed to medal on the uneven parallel bars with a 14.900 score that left her in eighth place. The bars are supposed to be where Gaby really struts her stuff and where she got her nickname, “Flying Squirrel.”
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Gabby Douglas Wins All-Around Gold; Let’s Hear It For Our Fave Flying Squirrel!

Gabby Douglas wins gold in the all-around

Sorry to spoil the Olympics for you, but if you didn’t want to know who won the All-Around competition in Women’s Gymnastics today, you really should have avoided the Internet all-together. Gabby Douglas, whom we (ever-so-presciently) selected as today’s Olympian to Watch, just clinched the gold. She’s only the fourth American to do so (after Mary Lou Retton, Shannon Miller and Nastia Liukin) and the first African-American. Russians Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina grabbed silver and bronze, respectively, narrowly edging out Aly Raisman.

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In case you missed our feature on Gabby earlier this morning, here are our favorite images from it. Enjoy and then go read all about why we love the little Flying Squirrel.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Gabby Douglas Is Today’s Olympian To Watch: Get Acquainted With “The Flying Squirrel”

Gabby Douglas
Before we all put on sleep masks and ear plugs for the day to avoid spoilers about who wins today’s Women’s Gymnastics All-Around Final, let’s take a closer look at one of the favorites. 16-year-old Gabby Douglas flew (quite literally) onto our radar at the Olympic trials, where she edged out reigning world champ and teammate Jordyn Wieber for the #1 spot. At 4’11”, G-Dougs is the shortest shorty on the team, but her presence is huge and we can’t wait to watch her battle it out with fellow superstar Aly Raisman tonight for the gold.

1. Gabby was nicknamed the “Flying Squirrel” by National Team Coordinator/Legend Márta Károlyi for her soaring abilities on the uneven bars.

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Last Night’s Top 10 Haphazard Beam Moments

Last night, the Olympics reminded us that gymnasts are as close to superhuman as athletes get. Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Koko Tsurumi (Japan), Gabriela Dragoi (Romania), and Anna Pavlova (Russia) continuously defied both gravity and mortality as their heads came within inches of smacking the beam. While you’d assume the images after the jump precede a crash, nine out of 10 (the exception being when Tsurumi fell) were seconds before a solid landing. Prepare to be awed. [Photos: Getty Images]

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