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Mila Kunis’s Phone Allegedly Hacked, Photos Leaked

Hoo boy. While alleged Mila Kunis hacked photos might make this week increasingly sexy for the rest of us, they probably aren’t going to be much fun for Mila or her Friends With Benefits costar Justin Timberlake. Because he’s allegedly in some of them. Suddenly those Scarlett Johansson nude photos seem like a distant, excellent memory…

TMZ is now reporting that Kunis is yet another celebrity who’s phone has been hacked and sexy photos obtained, though the only explicit pic is reportedly of an unknown male, who was at least having great luck up until now. The other photos allegedly include “two which show Justin — one, laying shirtless in a bed, and another in which J.T. is jokingly sporting a pair of pink panties over his head,” and one “photo of Mila in a bathtub, but all you see is her head.” At least Kunis knows can get sound P.R. advice from Scarlett, Rihanna, Kreayshawn, Vanessa Hudgens…we could go on, but we have homes to go to.

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Kreayshawn’s Twitter Hacked; Nude Pic Leaked

After losing the nomination for Best New Artist at the VMAs to Tyler, the Creator, the fact that Kreayshawn’s Twitter got hacked was probably just the icing on her insane sequined-studded Mickey Mouse cake. “My twitter got hacked today by some anti-hollywood extremists,” the rapper wrote on her Tumblr this morning. “They sent out wack ass tweets and promoted their odd message of anti-jew stuff and deleted my twitter..” Luckily Kreayshawn’ Twitter is currently up and running, and is blissfully anti-Semitic rant free.

As if the thought of hackers wasn’t unsettling enough, apparently there is also now a Kreayshawn nude photo floating through the tubes of the Interweb as a result. “Oh and they leaked out private photos of me while I was underage,” Kreayshawn adds. “Real nice guys! Spreading child-prono thats cute. VMA’s was insane on top of that. Can I s— man? I ain’t even mad.” True, but if Kreayshawn’s actually underage in the photo…we imagine the authorities might be. Like, federal-prison-time mad.

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Alleged Breaking Dawn Hacker Sued By Summit, Inspires Fake Twitter Account

Well, here’s a new candidate for Person We’d Least Like To Be Today. Summit, the studio behind the Twilight franchise, has named one of the people they believe is responsible for hacking their site (illegally, obviously) and releasing tons of photos and clips from Twilight: Breaking Dawn. If your name is Daiana Santia and you live in Posadas, Argentina, well, your week is about to get reallllll crappy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Summit scoured four continents searching for the culprits using an investigative firm and lawyers. They somehow discovered the perps in the northern part of the country, and have filed civil lawsuits against them in the U.S. and are taking “criminal action” in Argentina. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Rob Pattinson once called the hackers “dicks.” Isn’t that the harshest punishment of all?

And because it is 2011, a fake Twitter account, @DaianaInJail, is already active. Let’s hope the person behind it just sticks to Tweeting.

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Zach Braff Denies Gay Rumors After Website Hackers Try To Out Him


Remember Zach Braff? Barely, right? Okay, now imagine that you heard that the former Scrubs star had recently come out. Suddenly you’re slightly more interested, right? Sadly the Zach Braff gay rumors, the ones that made you think about of the actor for the first time since 2004, are unfortunately false. TMZ reports that hackers managed to post a coming out letter to Braff’s website that declared in part, “I am excited and proud to announce that I am an open member of the homosexual community.” Said Braff’s rep, “He was hacked … that site has been down since 2006.” Quiet, Zach’s rep! You are squandering this amazing opportunity!

All kidding aside, Braff didn’t totally drop off the radar once he slipped of his stethoscope. The actor-director is currently working on the play “All New People” in New York City, and recently appeared in the film The High Cost of Living. At least this wasn’t another awful rumor about Zach Braff’s death like last time, though even when that happened, just for a split second…we all thought seriously about a Garden State sequel, right?

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Amy Winehouse’s Website Gets Hacked

That she’s been having a bad run these last couple of months is an understatement. Just recently, Amy Winehouse‘s post-rehab tour completely tanked. And who can forget her show in Belgrade, where it was made perfectly clear that she wasn’t capable of speech, much less singing. Now, Amy’s website’s been hacked by a nasty little group called SwagSec. Why? Because they want to “take back the Internet from the white devil.”

That’s what they wrote in the rambling curse filled message they left on her site, which also included a bizarre, “DEATH 2 THE WHITE DEVIL.” Just charming, guys. Amy’s website still isn’t fixed because it links directly to her Facebook page now. Plus, if you Google it, it shows up as “Amy Winehouse — SWAGGER SECURITY.” That wasn’t always there was it? Looks like SwagSec got Amy pretty bad! We wonder if anyone else is on their hit list?