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Snooki’s Hair-volution: From “The Poof” To Perfectly Coordinated Bows

Say what you will about her drunken antics on the Jersey Shore, but how many celebs, besides Jennifer Aniston, can say they’ve got a trademark hairdo?! It’s been a while (actually, just under two years) since Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi stumbled onto our TV screens and into our hearts, rocking a sky-high “poof.” Snook’s since deflated the vertical volume, rocked streaks across the color spectrum and curled, crimped, and flat-ironed her locks. The pint-sized reality star’s latest obsession is a meticulously matched hair bow to top off every ensemble. What will she do next? Go blonde? We hope not. Here’s a look at the Hair-volution of everyone’s favorite Meatball. (Her words! Not ours!) [Photos: Getty Images]

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Dianna Agron’s New Short ‘Do

Looks like Dianna Agron is taking a page from the Emma Watson playbook! The Glee hottie celebrated finishing up a second super successful season by trimming her blonde tresses into a shoulder length bob. “Season 2 wrap,” she tweeted, “A remedy to the seven year itch. Finally!” She then posted a video of the big event to her tumblr before sitting for a photo shoot with celeb photographer Tyler Shields. Are you diggin’ the new do, or do you long for the long locks? Let us know in the poll below!

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