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Katy Perry Has Awesome Hair And Pajamas (?) In SNL Promos

Katy Perry is such a natural ham, we have no doubt she’ll be loads of fun as this week’s host of Saturday Night Live (provided the writers are having an “on” week, that is). In the promos for the night, she jokes about her great acting skills and her silly name-spelling with Kenan Thompson. But we weren’t really paying attention to the words coming out of her mouth. We were oohing and aahhing over her new haircut. When she was first photographed with it over the weekend, we weren’t entirely sure about it, mostly because that pale-pink hue was just looking tired. But in these SNL videos it’s a very natural, super-shiny blond, and we love it. Nice job, Katy/stylists! Now, what is it she’s wearing? A nightgown? A shirt-dress? We have typed every combination of “white cat, red, dress, nightgown, shirt” into our search engines and failed to find it. So, Internet, please help. We think it would be the best Chrismukkah present ever for our favorite cat lovers.

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Justin Bieber Celebrates The Release Of Under The Mistletoe With A New ‘Do

Now that Halloween is over, we have (un)officially entered the Holiday Season. No one knows this better than Justin Bieber, who apparently kipped trick-or-treating last night so he could stop by The Tonight Show and pimp his new Christmas album ‘Under The Mistletoe’, which drops today. But when the singer stepped in front of the cameras, we found him looking decidedly less Bieber-like than normal. Although slowly vanishing for some time now, it appears that Justin has finally decided to jettison his trademark helmet-hair look once and for all. How will wig manufactures and Tumblr survive!? His spiky new ‘do seems to fall somewhere between Vanilla Ice and Frankenstein. Who knows, maybe it was just part of his Halloween costume.

Click under the jump for more on Bieber’s hair, his new album, and his duet with Mariah Carey!

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Kristen Stewart Sports A Darker ‘Do At London Fashion Show

Kristen Stewart took some time off from filming Snow White and the Huntsman to step out at the Mulberry 2012 fashion show in London last night. In typical K-Stew style, she switched her attire from a sexy short skirt to an autumnal woolen cardie as the show went on. But the biggest change was her long dark tresses, which seemed dyed from her usual chestnut ¬†brown to jet black. Very goth! Or at least as goth as someone can look while standing next to a giant ice cream cone and watermelon beach balls. Regardless, we’re diggin’ the new ‘do. Check out more of Kristen’s London fashion tour (with special guest Kate Moss) in the gallery below!

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Gaga To Drop Yet Another Song From Born This Way Album

If only we could peer into that fabulous wig-covered skull of her’s, then maybe we’d understand why the new Lady Gaga single “Hair” is being released next Monday, i.e. exactly one week after her song “Edge Of Glory.” Considering Gaga’s Born This Way album drops May 23 and her “Judas” video dropped last week, it seems like overkill to have so many songs taking over our eardrums at the same time. Then again, are we internationally famous monster ladies? Devastatingly, we are not.

Both the upcoming “Hair” and yesterday’s “Edge Of Glory” feature the wacky sax of musician Clarence Clemons, and Billboard reports that fans who buy the singles can get Born This Way for a reduced price on iTunes. So we guess it all adds up to more sweet Gaga tunes for us? Maybe Mother Monster knows best; we never would have come up with the whole demonic face horns thing either.

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HairStyle Wars: Mel B Goes Blonde

Mel B stepped out of her London hotel for a Vitamin Water event in a slinky white dress, Christian Louboutin heels, and a blonde ‘do. Think she’ll have more fun? Or should she ditch the wig? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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VOTE: Has RiRi’s Hair Gone From Edgy To Ugly?

Rihanna stepped out in NYC last night revealing yet another stage of her ever-evolving hair. This time it’s bleached-out, long on top, and shaved on the sides. Has Ri gone too far? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Dear Lord, Please Let This Be A Wig


Hold up there, Katharine McPhee, what have you done to yourself?? (Yes, that really is Katharine McPhee, we could barely recognize her.) The American Idol singer, known for her gorgeous long brown locks has done something rash and cut them all off – we haven’t felt this way about a hair hacking since Felicity and we don’t like it one bit. McPhee was on hand at Macy’s in New York City to make an appearance, but we think she and her new hair will be showing up more often these days since she has an upcoming album scheduled for a January 2010 release. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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