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Katy Perry Gets Scary

“Be honest with me, do I look tired,” Katy Perry tweeted this weekend, alongside a photo of the best, most-detailed skeleton face we’ve ever seen. What is that, air-brushing? As for your question, Katy, you actually look really well-rested. Too well-rested…to live.

“Scariest night of my life! @knottsberryfarm BOO!,” the “Last Friday Night” singer wrote, after taking a spooky trip with friends to the park’s Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt, where she apparently got her (terrifying) game face on for the most important holiday of the year. In addition to looking excellent, Katy Perry’s skeleton photo  just reminds us of all the delectable celebrity Halloween costumes to come. All of you celebs better bring it this hard. Coco, you know we’re looking at you here.

[Photo: Katy Perry’s Tumblr]

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Katie Holmes Is A Slutty Pumpkin

Put down the lawsuit, Tom Cruise, we’re not insulting your lovely wife Katie Holmes. We’re just talking about her latest acting role! Katie is celebrating Halloween this year with a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother, where she will play the mysterious “Slutty Pumpkin.” The woman clad in a scandalous jack-o-lantern outfit stole Ted’s heart at a Halloween party years ago, and he’s been trying to track her down ever since. But lucky for him, it looks like this is the year that he gets reunited with his beloved Slutty Pumpkin. It’s a Halloween miracle! “Katie is a lovely and talented actress,” show creator Craig Thomas told NY Magazine, “which is why we’ve saved for her perhaps the most classily named character in our show’s history.” We can’t wait til the episode airs when Halloween gets nearer.

And speaking of scary things, Katie’s daughter Suri Cruise reported to her first day of programming school last week. The five-year-old will be attending the New Village Leadership Academy, a Scientology-based school which uses L. Ron Hubbard’s “study technology” educational model. It’s apparently a free form kind of place, where students work at their own pace to complete tasks and teachers give individual attention to each child. Doesn’t sound bad, right? But god forbid if the kid yawns. Apparently ol’ L. Ron believed that yawning was a sign that a child misunderstood the concept. So load up on expresso, kids! And attending students are also encouraged to sculpt the concepts they’ve learned about in clay. According to L. Ron, children need access to “mass” or else they start to feel “sort of spinny” and “squashed.” If it were us, we’d sculpt ourselves a shiv and get the hell out of there. No, put that lawsuit back DOWN Tom Cruise! We’re just kidding!

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Christina Aguilera Is Making Some Serious Bank

Christina Aguilera‘s marriage has broken up. Christina Aguilera’s fashion has gone all whack. And Christina Aguilera’s movie Burlesque looks like a Showgirls re-hash. But hey…. at least Christina Aguilera’s making money, ok? Lots of it.

Charles Brandes, some ridic-rich investment dude in San Diego, booked the singer to perform at his Halloween bash. She played for one hour and cashed in a million dollars. You read correctly: $1,000,000 for one freakin’ hour. Apparently the breakdown was something crazy like $16,666 per minute plus travel, hair and makeup. Do the math!

So, go ahead and say her star is waning, because she’s laughing her way to the bank! Or cackling…since it was Halloween, after all.

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The 15 Skimpiest Halloween Costumes Of 2010

Halloween ain’t just for kids anymore. Celebs stepped out over the weekend in outfits that were equal parts scary and sexy. Kim Kardashian strutted her stuff as a Bavarian looking Red Riding Hood. Did she pick it up at Oktoberfest along with her dirndl? Coco and her Great Pumpkins hit the town as a (plastic surgeon’s?) nurse, and Snooki rocked it as…Queen of the Pickles?

Okay, we’ll be honest: we don’t know what a lot of these outfits are supposed to be. But that’s the magic of Halloween!  We don’t have to! It’s the one night of the year where it’s not slutty, it’s a costume! Tights, lots of skin, and body glitter: it ain’t just for skanks anymore.

Check out the gallery below to see the best Halloween hotness of 2010!

[Photo: Images]

15. Angel and Annalynne McCord

14. Ciara

13. Brooke Burke

12. Kim Porter

11. Kim Kardashian

10. Tori Spelling

9. Holly Madison

8. Kendra Wilkinson

7. Alyson Michalka

6. Tara Reid

5. Snooki

4. Carmen Electra

3. Chanel Iman

2. Ashanti

1. Coco

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Ghosts Emerge During Halloween: Spencer And Heidi Are Back To The PDA


Oh look, a couple of Halloweiners! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are back, peeps, in full force. We were hoping and praying that they would go on an extended vacation, back to Costa Rica, or something, but no such luck. Because Speidi emerged, most aptly, on the spookiest night of them all, Halloween.

The pair showed up together in – where else – Las Vegas. Where else could Heidi fame-whore herself out so shamelessly? The washed-up-at-23 reality star dressed up as herself, in all her blow-up doll glory. “I’m Heidi Montag for Halloween. I designed my own dress,” she revealed. Of course, a quote had to be given about the (no) body, as she discussed her relationship with her fake parts, saying, “Um, ups and downs! I’m good. I’m just trying to focus on other things, not focus so much on my body.”

Then Heidi and her husband proceeded to PDA their way down the carpet. Spit it out guys… what ridiculous scheme are you two cooking up now?

*Cue ominous music and evil laughter*

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Hollywood’s Pumpkin Patch: Where Attention Whores Go To Be Seen…And Buy Pumpkins


Every October a stream of pictures roll in of various celebrities out at something called the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Los Angeles. Now look, we live in New York City, where we buy pumpkins at the grocery store like every other regular person. Obviously we’re a bit clueless as to how people do things in LA (Cars? What are those?) but we have to imagine there are other places to buy pumpkins in the greater Los Angeles area than just the paparazzi-filled Mr. Bones. Which can only mean one thing…THIS is where celebrities go to be seen in October!

Whether you’re Shauna Sands and you are trying to draw attention to your rubber breasts by holding pumpkins in front of them, or you’re Christina Aguilera and you want to deflect attention from your crumbling career and marriage, there is only one place for you: Mr. Bone’s Pumpkin patch, where the only thing scarier than the paparazzi are the celebrities posing for them.


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Snooki Is The Only Person Not Dressing As Snooki For Halloween


Why so sad, Snooki? Is it because you have to wear an actually costume this Halloween, as opposed to the rest of us who will be sporting a poof and giant slippers with a pickle in hand? Snooki shopped for Halloween costumes in New Jersey this weekend (in a dress and heels, naturally) looking like she was just told that the President had banned house music and fist-pumping. Which, by the way, is a great idea. Think about for 2012, B.O.!

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The 20 Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of All Time


It’s that time of year again: when women of all ages dress up in as little clothes possible, paint some whiskers on their face and call their costume a “sexy cat.” While we’ve participated in our share of “Slutoweens” (dare we confess: we dressed as an actual prostitute for Halloween in 7th grade), celebrities just seem to nail the sexy-spooky look better than we normals ever could. Sure, we’ve tried to pull of the skanky mermaid costume for years now. But Mariah Carey will always do it better, you know?

Mimi, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, CoCo, Selita Ebanks, Ashley Greene – all these ladies have sexed  it up on October 31st, but only one can be awarded the crown for Sexiest Halloween Costume of All Time. We pick a winner below!

20. Heidi Klum
19. Ashley Greene
18. Jenny McCarthy
17. Monique Coleman
16. Paris Hilton
15. Briana Evigan
14. Carmen Electra
13. Lydia Hearst
12. Kendra Wilkinson
11. Selita Ebanks
10. Holly Madison
9. Christina Milian
8. Khloe Kardashian
7. Mariah Carey
6. Audrina Patridge
5. Kim Kardashian
4. CoCo
3. Bai Ling
2. Mariah Carey
1. CoCo

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