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Warner Bros. Might Alter Stu’s Hangover Part II Tattoo For DVD Release

Looks like some intern has a long summer of staring Ed Helms‘ sweaty, screaming face in his or her future. As part of the on-going lawsuit filed by Mike Tyson‘s tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill, Warner Bros now says they will change Stu’s ill-advised tat for the upcoming Hangover Part II DVD release this December. “If the parties are unable to resolve their dispute, Warner Bros. does not intend to make any use of the allegedly infringing tattoo after the film ends its run in the theaters because Warner Bros. will digitally alter the film to substitute a different tattoo on Ed Helms’s face. As a result, there is no reason for the highly accelerated trial Plaintiff has asked this Court to hold on Plaintiff’s request for a permanent injunction,” Warner Bros. wrote in their court filing. Seeing as how Stu is in basically every shot of the movie, it might seriously be cheaper to just go ahead and re-shoot the whole thing. Plus that monkey probably needs the work.

Prior to the film’s release, a judge ruled that the Hangover Part II tattoo law suit wouldn’t affect opening weekend. Warner Bros. requested that their court date be moved back to February 21, 2012, but there is a mediation hearing on June 17 and a settlement is always a possibility. Of course, if the judge rules that the use of the image does not constitute copyright infringement, you just know Alan is going to get one of those in The Hangover Part III. Or Phil. Or Chow. Or that little monkey.

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Hangover Trilogy Is Ours If We Want It, Says Director Todd Phillips

In case you were already worried about not getting enough face tattoos, satchels and strip club machine-gun fire in your life after The Hangover Part II leaves theaters, director Todd PhillipsHangover trilogy can be yours soon enough…provided the rest of America gets onboard. “It’s something that I would do in a heart beat because I love working with these guys so much,” Phillips said, confirming that he’s already been thinking about making a third Hangover. “We’ll see how the audience feels and how the actors feel, of course, it’s up to them, but if the desire is there, I have a really good idea for it where we really depart from this blue print of our first movie and really end it. I mean obviously it was conceived as a trilogy, so it would be nice to do it.” Ten thousand dollars says they lose Ed Helms‘ baby in the third movie. Just reading that sentence is as good as a handshake to us.

That being said, if Hangover Part III is in our nation’s destiny, the cast is going to have to work to make a movie dirtier than the upcoming sequel, out May 26. “Ken Jeong, Chow, gets naked a lot!” Bradley Cooper raves. “On his own accord by the way, none of that was ever in the script.” Jeong admits that he felt the need to one-up his naked trunk escape from the original film, explaining. “We just gotta keep swinging for the fences… the only thing offensive about anything in The Hangover would be if we did not swing for the fences and go for it, because, for me, to do anything mild would be offensive.” Sounds like Hangover III would have to be rated NC-17. Just how we like our comedies.

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