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Nicole Kidman Talks About Her Daring Side In Harper’s Bazaar

Nicole Kidman Covers The November Issue Of Harper's Bazaar

We found this piece on the Harper’s Bazaar November cover celebrity, Nicole Kidman, rather interesting. She reveals things about herself that we never would have attributed to her. It’s all about perception right? And admit it, you’ve always thought that Nicole, phenomenal actress that she is, is staid and a bit boring in real life, right? We did! No shame in that, and it’s nice to see her being so on the down-low with husband, Keith Urban, whom she describes as “more like an ocean; he took me out.” The interview does delve into their relationship deeper, and she goes on to say, “He just gave me confidence through just being very kind to me and understanding me, opening me up to trying things, my sexuality, those sorts of things.” But you want to know about the what surprised us about her, right? Well, this is Bazaar’s “Daring” issue, and even though she may not see herself as bold, she not only used to jump out of planes, but also used to “do arabesques on the wing. I have a video of it! I used to really love those extreme sensations. I still do. Hmm, is that daring or is that just an extremist?” She also likes to go scuba diving at night because, “I find it strangely peaceful, out of my body. It straightens me out.” See what we mean? Whole different side of Nicole, and we like it! 

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Salma Hayek Reports From Bizarre Alternate Reality: “I Am On The Limit Of Chubbiness”

Salma Hayek Bazaar

Poor Salma Hayek! It must be hard to live in a strange world where all of your coworkers and neighbors are actively trying to have the BMI of a wooden marionette just to look good on-camera. It would be enough to make any gorgeous actress doubt her own jaw-dropping curvaceousness. “I am on the limit of chubbiness because I love my food and my wine,” the Savages actress claims in her Harper’s Bazaar UK interview. “It’s not the best for fashion, but it’s good for my mood. I am happy because I eat.” We’re inclined to think Hayek got the word “chubbiness” confused with “having a body so bodacious that the average human is constantly staring at it in hushed awe,” but somehow we don’t think that’s the case.

Maybe we’ve just been inundated with stories about female celebrities’ weight recently, from Rebel Wilson to Lady Gaga, but hearing the number one stunner talking as if she has to explain the way she looks truly makes us upset. On the other hand, Hayek points out, not being bone-thin has it’s advantages. “I am 46; I will not have Botox,” she reveals. “You know why? I don’t need to do it because I eat! I eat the fat, I eat the vegetables, I eat everything. If you exercise too much and you don’t eat enough, it takes its toll on the skin. Everything starts aging. If you don’t eat carbs, you slow your metabolism down. And you know what? You look miserable.” Oh, those poor marionette people!

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar UK]

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Kate Hudson Glows Off The Cover Of Harper’s Bazaar

Kate Hudson October Harper's Bazaar Cover

I’ve always been a huge Kate Hudson fan, and am pleased to report that I’m thoroughly satisfied with the styling of her October cover for Harper’s Bazaar. The vintage edge suits her perfectly and if you flip through the slideshow, you’ll see how most of the photographs have that retro touch which works so well.  She talks about what a ride it was getting to her 30′s and puts it all into perspective by summarizing, “I shot Almost Famous at 20, and I got married [to musician Chris Robinson, Ryder’s father] at 21. I had Ryder at 24 so, you know, a lot happened in my 20s. I was working a lot, and there were times that were extremely tumultuous. So 30 kind of felt like ‘Oh, okay.’ I had a different kind of confidence.” I feel kind of like an underachiever now because I’m a smidgen away from 30 and well … my life isn’t exactly Hudson-esque. Kate also talks about who her go-to gal pal in London is, where she shares a home with fiance and Muse rocker, Matt Bellamy. We’re talking about her Royal Goopness, Gwyneth Paltrow herself, who Kate gushes about, saying, “She’s been my go-to about where to get things done—grocery shopping, a good mani-pedi, you know, all that. I look up to Gwyneth and how she has been in her life. She’s the real deal.” Right. We’ll be by the Cheetos.

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Miranda Kerr’s Naked Harper’s Spread Challenges Kate Upton’s Nude Supremacy

Kate Upton, you had better watch your completely naked back! Miranda Kerr is gunning for the venerable title of Hottest Nude Shoot of Early to Mid-August 2012, and you’re totally exposed! Also, you’re naked! While most of us tend to take our shoes off first, Miranda stripped down to her $700 boots for frequent Upton collaboration Terry Richardson in her new Harper’s Bazaar spread. Kerr also has a Fashion Q&A where she extolls the benefits of eating healthy and organic, in case you somehow looked at these photos and thought for even a second she must be slamming down Cool Ranch Doritos every meal.

To be fair, we question why either of these ladies even wear clothes. We guess there are “laws” they have to “obey” and Miranda probably wouldn’t want to “have her son taken away as a result of her being publicly naked all the time.” We know the premise of Kerr’s photoshoot is basically “If I buy these boots, will I also get Miranda Kerr’s crazy model body?,” but the bigger question in our minds would have to be, who is working it out more without clothing: Miranda in Harper’s or Kate Upton in Competitor? At least Miranda is ostensibly modeling something, unlike Kate. Doesn’t that even mean anything to you pervs, though? Thoughts?

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar]

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Rihanna Is White Hot In Bazaar, Says She Won’t Let Anyone Get Close. We Can’t Imagine Why…

Rihanna Harper's Bazaar Cover

Rihanna‘s Bazaar cover is like a blast of air conditioning for your eyes, but not like an actual blast of air conditioning for your eyes, because that would probably sting like the devil. In addition to working it out in white silk and gold for the magazine’s photo shoot, the “Where Have You Been All My Life?” singer opens up about her love life. If you couldn’t guess, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the nation’s most famous domestic abuse survivor…who subsequently had to hear all of us talk about her relationship decisions for the next three years. “I have been conservative in my love life,” RiRi explains. “It’s pretty much nonexistent. If I come across someone who I find really cool, I’ll hang out. But the minute I find that we’re getting too close I just — I don’t let people in.” Aw, this breaks our hearts, girl! Breaks our hearts and is completely understandable at the same time!

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Renee Zellweger, Victoria Beckham Wow Us On Harper’s Bazaar Global Editions

Wow. It would be an understatement to say this is a bit of a departure for Victoria BeckhamHarper’s Bazaar, China has really outdone themselves with this May cover of Posh. Or shall we just call her the new Ginger Spice considering she’s morphed into a redhead for this. Everything is so OTT with the manga warrior princess vibe, from the feathered eyebrows to the gilded eyes and those huge metallic earrings. We’re used to seeing Vicky B looking perfectly put together, and while this is without fault, it is totally a departure from her regular style.

We’d also like to say that the magazine has really outdone itself with its global editions since they put Renee Zellweger on the May cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Russia (see below). It’s a completely different look from Vicky B’s cover, but no less glamorous.

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Poor Mila Kunis Mourns Her Lack Of Dates, Tiny Butt In Bazaar

Mila Kunis: we love this woman like a fat kid loves cake. Cake that is also a beautiful lady who does voices for Family Guy. You know who doesn’t seems like they love Mila Kunis, though? Mila Kunis. In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Ted actress lamented how her Black Swan weight loss has permanently affected her body, which “has never been the same.” Sighs Mila, “My shape is different. When I got down to 95 pounds, I was muscles, like a little brick house, but skin and bones. When I gained it back, it went to completely different areas.” Shrugs Kunis, “I’d be happy if my ass got bigger. All the weight that left my chest went to my side hip, my stomach.” When she says “all the weight,” Mila’s measuring it in ounces, right? We’re just checking!

As if body image wasn’t enough, apparently Mila Kunis isn’t constantly going on dates. We repeat, Mila Kunis isn’t constantly going on dates. “I don’t get asked out,” Mila complains. “This past year, I haven’t been home, so who’s going to ask me?… I don’t go out very often. I prefer to stay home and have a nice little beverage and watch television.” Jokes Kuis, “My glass of wine and I are besties.” Oh girl, no. You’re starting to sound like…sound like…us! That is the last thing we want in a celebrity!

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Uma Thurman Looks A Bit Off-Kilter On The Cover Of Harper’s Bazaar

We’ve always been huge fans of Uma Thurman. The tall, blond actress just brings that something extra and isn’t your typical cookie-cutter Hollywood pretty. So when we hear she’s on the cover of a magazine, we expect that certain je na sais quois she has to shine through. A face with that bone structure can’t photograph badly, right? Wrong. Here she is on the February cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK — one of the first of the crop of February magazine issues we’re expecting — and she looks … off. We can’t quite put our finger on what it is, but something about her face doesn’t look quite okay. Is it the nose or the mouth? Help us out here, and tell us what you think. Either way, we’re not happy.

[Photo via >Harper’s Bazaar UK]

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Kim Kardashian Shells Out $65K For Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry

Serious bling aficionados didn’t factor in one very important element into acquiring the late Elizabeth Taylor‘s jewelry at an auction at Christie’s in New York City — Kim Kardashian. TMZ reports that the hybrid-reality star has dropped $65,000 for three jade and diamond Lorraine Schwartz bracelets that belonged to that star. That is pocket change as compared to what the record-breaking auction cashed in on the whole. They made an incredible $116 MILLION. Kim was seriously in awe of Dame Liz and even interviewed her for Harper’s Bazaar shortly before she passed away. Interestingly enough, the first question Kimmy asked her was, “You are my idol. But I’m six husbands and some big jewels behind. What should I do?” In a few short months, Kim’s made progress on both fronts, so she’s well on her way.

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Harper’s Bazaar Picks Age-Defying Madonna For Their December Cover

Madonna‘s film W.E has been in the news a fair amount, mostly because … it’s Madonna’s film. All the attention directed towards it — as if Madge needed anymore — had landed the singer on the December cover of Harper’s Bazaar along with the movie’s leading leady, Andrea Riseborough, a very lovely, youthful 30-year-old. Madonna on the other hand, is looking like a very lovely, youthful 53-year-old. God bless magazine covers for being fountains of youth, right? It’s like gravity, sun damage and a ticking clock don’t exist.

The interview itself, which profiles the singer and her directorial journey with W.E., is very Madonna, and we thoroughly enjoyed one quote in particular. She told the writer, Naomi Wolf, “For some reason, I feel like I never left high school, because I still feel that if you don’t fit in, you’re going to get your ass kicked.” See? She’s just like the rest of us. Only without wrinkles.

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar]