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Lena Dunham Drinks About A Quarter Of The Haterade, Says Some 58-Year-Olds Wish Her Dead

Oh, celebrities: they’re just like us! Well, maybe not the whole “random people on the internet want them to perish in a fire” part. Joked Lena Dunham on The Daily Show, “You definitely do get the sense that some 58-year-olds wish you dead.” The Girls show creator stopped by last night to discuss her Golden Globes win, and how she cannot stop herself from reading the mean things people say about her online. “I like to say I don’t read anything. That’s my token line, ‘Oh, I don’t read anything,’ but if I’m being honest I read a quarter of things,” Dunham admits. Considering how much buzz has surrounded Girls for the past year, “a quarter of things” could easily translate into “more of the Internet than anyone can read without going completely insane.”

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Solange Knowles Goes On A Twitter Rant Against “Ignorance”

Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s security inconvenienced other families in Lenox Hill Hospital. Blue Ivy Carter was actually born via scheduled C-section. Kanye stopped by Bey’s birthing suite, only to put a tiny mic into Blue’s hand and immediately snatch it away again. There are a lot of rumors and gossip surrounding the arrival of Hov’s first born, and Solange Knowles doesn’t like any of it one bit. Time for a Twitter rant! “We are supposed to be super human and watch people we love get slandered, lied on, and ridiculed. It is one of THE hardest things to accept,” the singer rages. The absolute hardest thing to accept? The fact that Solange can’t just hunt down all of your home addresses one by one. Because if she could…oh lord.

Tweets Knowles, “In any other workplace…if someone directly tells your mother or sister is a liar and a fake ect…you would naturally express yourself.” Luckily for the haters, Solange is taking solace in the purifying joy of chubby baby goodness. “However, the pure happiness and joy I’ve witnessed and experienced helps me to keep my mouth shut,” she writes. Also helpful are the texts Beyonce‘s been sending all afternoon that just say, “KNOCK IT OFF.”

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Elizabeth Banks Instructs Hunger Games Haters To Please Bring It On

It’s a veritable law of the universe that haters are going to hate; it’s in their awful blood. If they’re planning to hate on Elizabeth Banks for being cast as Effie Trinket in the upcoming Hunger Games film, however, said haters can take their complaints to the book’s author Suzanne Collins. “I worked with amazing Academy Award–nominated people in figuring out who Effie is, and most importantly, [author] Suzanne Collins blessed everything we did,” the 30 Rock actress told New York mag when asked about some haterade she recently received on Twitter. “So as long as Suzanne Collins is happy … I would say if fans wanna fight about it, they can fight with her.” Say … in some kind of specially-designed murder arena? While the rest of us watch, our deadened souls stirred by the unfolding homicidal drama? Pweeeeease?

The fact that Banks sounds so confident in her acting ability is encouraging, seeing as how as the actress is personally a devotee of the book series. “It was really a bunch of fans sitting around discussing what our visions were for everything,” Banks said of working on the Hunger Games set. “And then of course there are practical things, like I imagined District 12 — and they pretty much nailed it — like it was in the south in an old mining town. And that’s what we shot. And the Games actually blew me away. What I was imagining was too small.” Ugh, seriously, how can you hate on this woman? Her wigs alone make us want to get emotionally invested in this film.

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Selena Gomez Can “Understand It Completely” When Bieber Fans Hate Her

Don’t worry, Justin Bieber fans: If Selena Gomez ever stops by your house, you don’t have to bother taking down the dartboard you made out of her Seventeen cover. The bear trap with Selena’s name scrawled on it dozens of times, however… maybe slide that thing into the coat closet. “It’s a little odd, but I understand it completely,” the “Who Says” singer told Batimore’s Z104.3 about her man’s rabid supporters. “It’s amazing to me to see how many passionate fans there are. So obviously, you’ve just got to think of the fans first, and that’s OK.” Hmmm, all those Twitter death threats Selena received from Bieliebers seem to fall outside the realm of “OK,” but then again, we’ve never received one. Do you…do you guys just not like us as much?

Gomez instead looks on the bright side, musing that it’s “kind of cool we have our own individual [fans].” Sure, fans whom the authorities hope will never, ever run into each other in a darkened alley, West Side Story-style. We have to warn you though: If you ever say anything bad about Selena’s music, hair or other non-Bieber related attribute, she will not be so nice. You assumed she wouldn’t have a revenge bear trap of her own, with your name on it? Oh, you fool. You beautiful, beautiful fool.

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Justin Bieber Gets Booed By Hostile Crowd At Madison Square Garden, Possibly Signaling End Of Bieber Fever (Update: Now With Video!)

UPDATE (10:52pm): Now with video! Click here to watch Justin Bieber get booed (VIDEO).

Is the beginning of the end near for Justin Bieber? The diminuitive, well-coiffed Canadian pop star attended the big New York City premiere of his new 3D epic, Never Say Never, at Manhattan’s Regal E-Walk 13 theater (which, if we’re being completely honest with you, is NOT exactly the swankiest movie palace in town). For a man with as much star power and juice as Justin Bieber supposedly possesses, the film didn’t draw many A-Listers on opening night. Hip-hop impresarios Russell Simmons and L.A. Reid were there, as were Spike Lee, Deborah Norville and Stephen Baldwin (who, we might add, is also tight with Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus), but the likes of Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Jasmine Villegas were nowhere to be found on the red carpet. However, the night only got worse for our boy Biebs.

According to dozens of Twitter feeds, Justin Bieber hit the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden tonight and, when shown on in the in-house Jumbotron, was loudly booed by those in attendance. Popular NBA Twitter feed @offseasonblog reported that “Biebs is wearing a purple bow tie at the Knicks and got booed,” while VH1’s own @samdotcom wrote that “The Biebs got booed at MSG. Girl broke thru security to touch him; she returned to her seat sobbing & shaking.” And if you search Twitter for “Bieber booed” now, you’ll see literally hundreds of tweets and retweets.

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