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10 Reasons Why Marnie on ‘Girls’ Doesn’t Suck

HBO‘s Girls has been met with a polarizing response through its entire run, but there’s one thing viewers can agree: Marnie is the worst. Played by Allison Williams, Marnie is the Brooklyn foursome’s resident buzzkill. The stuck-up country club card member who’ll homewreck a marriage without a decent apology, hook up with her BFF‘s ex-boyfriend out loneliness, and get salty and vindictive when one of her friends outperforms her at work. Basically, she’s not an easy person to deal with, but that doesn’t mean she’s the worst.
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Exclusive: Watch Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes From Veep


If there’s one thing we don’t like about HBO’s hit series Veep is that it’s currently off the air. After a hilarious and sharp-tongued ten episodes, the season three finale left fans clamoring for more as Vice President Selina Meyer—played by Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus—embarked on the next step in her presidential career. How she got there was an amazing journey involving Iowa campaign stops, visits to London, sex with a very steamy Christopher Meloni, penning (or not penning) a new book, and sparring with the other presidential candidates.

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Girls, What Do You Think About Girls, Veep Getting A Second Season?

Ladies (and gentlemen-ladies), how would you feel about a second season of Girls? Or Veep? As of today, HBO has decided to renew both freshman shows for a 10-episode second season, a pretty quick decision considering they’ve only been on the air for a matter of a few weeks. Girls has so far been attracting a respectable 3.8 million viewers a week, while Veep has been pulling down 3.7 million. So our question is: are you are psyched for another season of Lena Dunham and Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Are you quietly thinking that only one (the one you love) should have made it to their sophomore season? Have you been pretending to watch them so you have something to talk about at lunch, when in reality all you watch is TLC’s My Strange Addiction? Not that we’d blame you, ladies (and man-ladies).

Alternatively, maybe you’re still so exhausted from the non-stop build-up to Girls that you haven’t mustered up the energy to have an opinion about another season of it? If so, let the ladies of Rex (Rachael Mason, Kerry McGuire and Stephanie Bencin) and a million other lady comedians run through every possible opinion for you in their video “S— Girls Say About The Show Girls” video. You too, dude-ladies. You’re welcome.

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Lady Gaga Sobs, “Feels Like A Loser Kid In High School” In New HBO Special

Oh yikes. If the promo video for the Lady Gaga HBO special is any indication, girl needs to take a long weekend soon or she’s going to collapse in a flesh-colored latex heap. Airing May 7, the documentary goes behind the scenes at Gaga’s Monster Ball tour stop at Madison Square Garden. Based on the clip, it captured a whole new side of the woman behind the facial prosthetics. “I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school,” a tearful, exhausted Gaga explains. “And I just have to pick myself up and tell myself that I’m a superstar every morning so that I can get through this day and be for my fans what they need for me to be.” See, it’s like we’ve been saying this whole time: one cannot live on fame ( and accidentally ingested fake blood) alone.

Photos of Lady Gaga shooting the special around her old digs on the Lower East Side had her looking fierce and freezing, but the level of emotional distress captured here promises the special will be more than just a montage of amazing pants-free outfits (though, yes, hopefully that as well). We could be wrong, but seeing tears so soon after Gaga’s fall during her Atlanta concert and her angry diatribe about the Gaga Madonna comparison suggests to us that girl needs to slip into a pair of sweatpants and watch eight episodes of The Antonio Treatment in a row before it’s too late. However, given that Gaga’s “Judas” video premieres on American Idol next week, we doubt Mother Monster is planning to do anything that doesn’t involve the roar of 5,000 fans ringing in her ears anytime soon.