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No Jail For DUI, Assault Charges Dropped: Things Are Looking Slight Less Horrible For Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox Avoids Jail For DUI

After having what for most people would be the worst week of their life, Lost actor Matthew Fox some good news today. Of course, no news could be good enough to counterbalance the awfulness he was accused of on Wednesday, so take that into consideration. After being arrested for a DUI in Oregon earlier this month, TMZ reports that Fox struck a plea deal with prosecutors which will ensure he doesn’t get jail time; as part of the deal Matthew pled no contest to one count of DUI, lost his license for a year and has to undergo drug and alcohol treatment. Oh, boy. Actually, that news is kind of a mixed bag, too.

That being said, the actor had to be pleased that Heather Bormann, the Cleveland party bus driver who accused Fox of assaulting her last year, had her case recently withdrawn by her lawyer after she allegedly “intentionally failed and refused to provide full and timely cooperation and information.” Boy, that’s kind of unsettling too, right? Oh, and then there’s the part where his former Lost costar Dominic Monaghan took to Twitter and claimed that Fox “beats women.” You know what? Forget we said anything. Matthew Fox’s whole situation is still coming out deep in the negative column.

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Matthew Fox Sues Party Bus Driver Over Crotch-Punching Accusations

Matthew Fox has officially boarded the party bus. Destination: justice! In what has officially become our favorite news story of the 2011, Lost star Matthew Fox is suing Heather Bormann, the driver of a Cleveland party bus, after she accused him of drunkenly assaulting her back in August. Bormann filed a lawsuit against the actor in September, which alleged, amongst other things, that Fox punched her in the crotch after being denied entrance to the bus she was operating. According to Fox’s suit, Bormann was the one who physically attacked him, and that her false allegations have lead to “public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame.” As far as we can tell Fox has not denied drunkenly trying to board a party bus in Cleveland, Ohio, so we say keep that ridicule and shame coming!

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Matthew Fox Sued Over Party Bus Brawl

Don’t Clevelanders already have enough to deal with without B-list celebrities showing up and punching their party bus operators? Come on, people. A few weeks after the Lost actor was detained by police for the brawl, looks like Matthew Fox’s party bus fight is about to get Matthew Fox sued. Bus driver Heather Bormann has filed a lawsuit against Fox for allegedly drunkenly assaulting her after she refused to drive him from the bar where she was parked to the Cleveland Ritz-Carlton. Oh, see, Matthew must have thought she was a regular bus driver…that he was punching like a crazy person.

According to TMZ Bormann is allegedly asking for more than $25,000. For that amount of money, Matthew Fox could buy his own party bus, get drunk and punch himself. And if these allegations are true…he probably should.