Hell on Wheels

by (@shalapitcher)

Common Wonders Who Will Make The Hell On Wheels Clothing Line

Even if you missed the premiere of AMC’s Hell on Wheels last night, you’ve probably seen the photos of Common looking considerably less smooth than usual. As freed slave Elam, he’s got a seriously scraggly beard and some of the dirtiest clothing this side of The Walking Dead‘s zombie wardrobe. VH1’s Melissa Smith sat down with the rapper/actor/controversial White House guest last week and asked if he and his castmates are just a wee bit jealous of the cast of that other AMC period drama, Mad Men.

“They get to be all fresh and get the Banana Republic endorsements — I wonder what type of endorsements we gonna get!” Common laughed, though he admitted that growing his beard out was kind of liberating. “At a certain point, I wasn’t even thinking about how I looked. It was like, you’re in Hell on Wheels; this is not pretty. This is dirty, this is rugged. I was walking around bearded, dirt, bugs be around, horses taking dumps. You just get immersed in the world of Hell on Wheels.”
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