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Zac Efron Turns 25! Follow His 25 Hottest Looks From High School Musical Hunk To Paperboy Prince Charming

Zac Efron turns 25 years old, celebrate with his 25 hottest looks

When Zac Efron burst onto the scene with Disney’s megasmash High School Musical back in 2006, we were sort of suspicious. His 21st century David Cassidy good looks were just a little too perfect. It’s like was created in some kind of teen heartthrob lab, specifically designed to breed cover-boys for Tigerbeat. Case in point? That perfectly mussed hair, those ice blue eyes (not unlike those possessed by fellow Disney star Selena Gomez’s puppy) that sculpted chin…It was too much! Plus he was getting nude pictures sent to him by his smoking hot costar Vanessa Hudgens at the time, so that didn’t help. We’ll admit it: we were hugely jealous of the guy.

But then as the years passed, we started to like him. Like a cool older brother, Zac taught us many things. Like how to unhook a bra with one hand, and the importance of carrying protection on you at all times. Even on the red carpet! Plus we hear he’s a generous tipper, which is always the sign of a good dude. You’re alright, Efron! Today’s Zac’s 25th birthday, so to celebrate we’ve assembled 25 of his hottest looks from over the years. Follow his transformation from squeaky clean High School Music jock to…getting peed on by Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy, and everything in between. Enjoy!

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