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Alec Baldwin’s SAG Awards Hair: Our Theories On How It Went So Very Wrong

His 30 Rock co-star Tina Fey looked like a dang shampoo ad at the Golden Globes a few weeks back with her glorious hair, but Alec Baldwin showed up at the SAG Awards tonight looking like, well…that. Um, what’s up with your ‘do, Baldwin? Even his gorgeous new wife Hilaria Thomas on his arm couldn’t distract from the shaggy tragedy on his head. We’ve thought long and hard about what exactly went wrong, and we’ve come up with a few theories.

1. He got into a vicious fight with a weed-whacker weilding assailant on the way to the red carpet.

2. With his 30 Rock gig nearly over, he decided to start saving money by cutting his own hair.

3. He decided to wear a toupee over his real hair – just in case.

4. He had it cut for his role as Lloyd in a Dumb and Dumber reboot.

We reached out to one of Baldwin’s hair follicles, but he declined to comment.

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Alec Baldwin Continues To Benjamin Button Himself After Marrying New Wife Hilaria Thomas

Alec Baldwin Looks Young With Wife Hilaria Thomas

We’ve always been into Jack Donaghy’s “Daddy Bear” steez on 30 Rock, but please take a look at those photos. The picture of Alec Baldwin on the left was taken yesterday at the U.S. Open with his new wife Hilaria Thomas, the other a snapshot of Baldwin from the 30 Rock set…in 2008. The man is looking real good this summer, is basically what we’re getting at. Since we’ve already given Hilaria credit for getting Alec off Twitter back in June (a good idea considering the fact he seemed unable to stop escalating his paparazzi brawls/making confusing Trayvon Martin jokes), why not give this win to her too? Well-played, lady!

Baldwin also returned to the 30 Rock set today to work on his last season of being Tina Fey‘s boss, and looked equally fresh. Pay attention, celebrities! This is how you subtly whittle a few years off your face without turning into Mickey Rourke (minus the crazy hair, weird hat and Bane-sized back). Maybe all you guys need is a dye job and some deep moisturizing, rather than having your mug reworked into  sexy fetus face? Just floating it out there…

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Alec Baldwin Leaves Twitter After Ranting To Vanity Fair, Getting Married — Well Played, Hilaria.

Alec Baldwin Gets Married, Deletes Twitter

It was a busy weekend for Alec Baldwin! First he gets married Saturday at New York City’s St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral to his fiance Hilaria Thomas, in a ceremony attended by celebs like Tina Fey, Woody Allen and Billy Baldwin. Then this morning we find out that Alec…um…fantasizes about murdering TMZ’s head honcho in Vanity Fair. Subsequently Alec’s Twitter account is now gone! We’re not saying there is a clear connection between that sequence of events, but if there is…then good thinking, Hilaria! Way to start your life together off right!

“I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes,” the 30 Rock star told VF about TMZ producer Harvey Levin as part of their August issue; Levin leaked the extremely unflattering voicemail in which Baldwin calls daughter Ireland a “pig.” Coming on the heels of his two recent paparazzi altercations, we are both unsurprised and horrified. Seeing as how Alec bowed out of his non-stop tweeting shortly after 1) getting married and 2) his humiliating comments became public, we’d like to think that the actor’s new bride is responsible for his current Twitter silence. Unlike Alec, she seems like the kind of woman who likes to maintain some shred of privacy:

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Alec Baldwin Still Isn’t Married Despite Marriage Bureau Brawl, Topping Our 7 Weirdest Alec Baldwin Moments

Alec Baldwin Still Not Married After Marriage Bureau Brawl
After all that fighting with a paparazzo outside the marriage license bureau (and the fact he is, you know, wearing a wedding ring), Alec Baldwin is apparently still not married to fiance Hilaria Thomas. According to Celebuzz, the 30 Rock actor has a marriage license but allegedly has yet to lock it down. Considering Alec basically went to the mat with a photographer for his license, that’s a little…weird, isn’t? Then again, it wouldn’t be the first odd move Alec Baldwin has made, as demonstrated by our comprehensive list of the Top 7 Weirdest Alec Baldwin Moments we’ve assembled below. Long story short, we cut this guy a loooooot of slack in the oddball department. Maybe it’s the eyes? Check out Alec’s weirdest moments, and let us know what you think. It’s the eyes, isn’t it? Or the maybe the hair…?

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10 Best-Dressed At The Cannes AmfAR “Cinema Against AIDS” Gala, With One Bonus Addition

Best-dressed at Cannes amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala

We always have such high hopes for the annual amfAR “Cinema Against AIDS” gala that happens at Cannes. It’s normally a fashion extravaganza and there’s always a celebrity or two who ends up surprising us. This year, some of the picks on this list did surprise us. Because our regular sartorial favorites — like Nina Dobrev (who fell short in an electric blue, sequined Elie Saab column) — didn’t make it, and Kim Kardashian did. Still, we have to give props where they’re due and Kim worked it in this mustard Elie Saab and old Hollywood red lips, The color is perfect against her skin tone, the fit is great and even though the girls and the gams are out to play, it’s still all very tastefully done.

The models also really stood out with Doutzen Kroes wearing a futuristic and very flattering white Versace gown with silver detailing. Irina Shayk was sheer elegance in a sweeping, taupe Roberto Cavalli gown with gorgeous emerald jewelry. Also spotted look their very best were Kylie Minogue in tangerine Emilio Pucci and  Rose McGowan who paid homage to her name in a rose-pink Atelier Versace gown with Chopard jewels. Look at the rest of the fabulously dressed stars in our gallery below. We also have one bonus picture for you. She’s not a celebrity, but a celebrity’s fiance but really deserved to be on the best-dressed list as well. Click after the jump to see who she is.

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Alec Baldwin Tweets He’s “Leaving NBC” After Today Segment On Stalker

Oh, man, Today producers, you’ve done it this time. Maybe. Alec Baldwin has been posting all morning about how the morning show had a crew camped outside his apartment building to tape a segment about his accused stalker, Genevieve Sabourin. And the latest one sounds like he’s directing his ire at the entire network, all but saying that he’s leaving 30 Rock:


Actually, Baldwin began tweeting about journalists at his place late last night: “Outside my apt, “journalists” from the Post camped out to talk to me about stalking. They camped out all day. Wait. Isn’t that…….?”
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Alec Baldwin Moving In With 27-Year-Old Girlfriend

And for that, we say good for you, man! 53-year-old Alec Baldwin seems to have found peace with Hilaria Thomas, his 27-year-old, yoga instructor girlfriend. He’s sold his Central Park West apartment so he can move in with her downtown, where he’s bought a spot in SoHo. It’s for real too, as a source reveals, “He’s really in love. He’s even met her parents. He sees marriage in the near future.” Good luck, you two crazy kids! Yes, we could crack a million and one ageist jokes. But you know what? It’s Friday, and we dig 30 Rock and with everything else going on in the world right now, we’re not going to grouse on love.

(Note: Ambika Muttoo on a Monday morning without coffee may have a different point of view.)

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