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Rihanna Parties With Barbados Prez As Chris Heads To Court

Rihanna Barbados

Well well well, what do we have here? Why it’s Rihanna, blending right into the Barbados social scene in her curly mullet and shades alongside the prime minister of her native country, David Thompson. The singer returned home to celebrate her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, and her dad could not be more psyched. “I’m happy to have her home,” he said. “Things are good with her. She is doing really, really well. She’s back to herself again.”

Her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown will head back to court today and is expected to enter into some sort of plea deal. His legal peeps have been working like crazy to arrange some sort of deal, as apparently both he and RiRi want the ordeal to be over.  “It’s expected to be resolved at some point soon. Rihanna wants it resolved as well,” said a spy. She’s expected to hang out in Barbados until the drama is done. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Is The Rihanna And Chris Oprah Show Reunion For Real?


It’s not quite Diddy‘s Miami mansion, but it’ll sure do! Rihanna is apparently in discussion with Oprah Winfrey about appearing on her show, under one condition – it’s gotta be done with Chris Brown by her side! She supposedly wants an on-air apology from her allegedly abusive ex – in person. Awkward!

“She’s been having second thoughts about them being back together,” a source close to RiRi revealed. “Agreeing to go on Oprah’s show and tell the world how sorry he is will help make up her mind.”

Oprah’s people are denying everything of course, but we wouldn’t put it past Lady O to try to snag this interview –  if only so she could lecture them both!  [Photos: GettyImages]

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Is Rihanna Cooperating With The Cops – Or Not?


Yesterday, Fox News accused Rihanna of apparently not wanting to cooperate with the L.A. authorities prosecuting her maybe-ex, Chris Brown. A source told the conservative chat channel that she’s pissed off that the photo of her after the alleged beating was released, and she just “wants the whole thing” to go away.

Almost immediately after, RiRi’s people responded, insisting that the singer was totally and completely down with doing whatever the 50 wants. “She will do everything that the law requires her to do… nothing has changed,” asserted her lawyer.

Most people seem to think that not cooperating would greatly damage RiRi’s career and public persona, even if it may not be what she really wants. Looks like our girl is stuck between her bank account and a hard place. Which should she choose?  [Photo: GettyImages]

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T-Pain Injured In Golf Cart Accident


We always thought it would be the vocoder that brought him down, but T-Pain was seriously injured last week in an accident involving a golf cart. Apparently his face was sliced up and he also lost four teeth in the mess. The singer had to skip his Friday concert with Lil Wayne in California, but was back onstage on Sunday night to give a firsthand account of the incident.

“There’s a lot of talk that I flipped over in a golf cart,”he shouted to the audience. “It did happen like three days ago. My ass is on fire right now. My side hurt, my mouth hurt.”

He continued, obviously in good spirits (maybe painkillers helped out?), “I bust my ass. I’d show you the marks, but I don’t wanna pull my pants down right now.”

If you’re gonna rock a name like T-Pain, you’re gonna have to own it sometimes, right?  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Rihanna Rejects Advice From Jess, Insists Chris Apologize On TV?


In today’s edition of The Daily Rihanna Rumor: the singer allegedly rejected a letter of advice from Jessica Simpson. Apparently the country singer has experienced domestic violence in the past, and even penned a song about her struggle. In concert recently, she advised women in similar situations to “take your heart and run,” and is rumored to have put her words on paper and sent them to Rihanna.

“But Rihanna ignored Jessica’s letter,” someone close to the star told the National Enquirer. “Actually, she was kind of shocked that Jessica had the nerve to try to get involved in her very personal problems.”

Obviously, Jessica’s gotta stay relevant somehow, and this might work, especially as we’re all over caring about her waist size for now!  Meanwhile, Rihanna is supposedly suggesting that her ex Chris Brown apologize to her – and America, we guess – on the Oprah Winfrey Show. We know you’d watch that trainwreck get slaughtered by Lady O, but would you accept his apology?

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T.I. Sentenced To A Year In Jail

It’s official – a judge today confirmed that T.I. will be livin’ his life behind bars for 366 days. The rapper was sentenced this morning to serve a year and one day in a Georgia prison, as part of a plea deal for his 2007 felony weapons charge. “Today I would like to say thank you to some, and apologize to all,” he said in court. “Everything I learned was through trial and error. I’ve learned lessons in my life to put in my music so people won’t make the same mistakes as I.”

The judge praised the rapper for the community service he’s done as part of his deal, saying, “I think this has been a great experiment.”

T.I.’s gotta turn himself in during the next 30-60 days, but E! Online reports that he’s not expected to do so before May 19th.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Rihanna Flirts With D-Listers To Forget Chris

Rihanna is continuing her bi-coastal pub crawl, and stopped by Nobu on Wednesday for an evening of dinner, drinks and D-Listers. The starlet, who is rebounding after her allegedly ass-whooping by Chris Brown, didn’t let her protective female (!) bodyguard get in the way of her flirting. The songbird chatted with a group of dudes, including doe-eyed Hills hunk, Brody Jenner.

The next night, RiRi hit up Delux in L.A., and cozied up to Brody’s BFF, Frankie Delgado, whose career remains a mystery. A source on the scene says, “Rihanna was all over Frankie Delgado! She was snuggling with him on her couch and the two were all about each other. Rihanna gave Frankie a lap type dance when Destiny’s Child’s song ‘Bug-A-Boo’ started playing.”

The singer apparently downed vodka drinks and was “having a blast.” Photo: Splash News Online]

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Rihanna Protects Herself With Guns

Rihanna apparently flew out a tattoo artist named Bang Bang from New York to L.A., where she put him up in the Roosevelt Hotel and had him ink up her body. She ended up getting a tiny gun on the side of her ribs, even though she originally planned on doing two lil’ shooters on her shoulders. According to Bang Bang’s MySpace, “I really wanted to put it here… she loved em.. .but, cover girl wouldn’t have liked it much… and they pay the bills!”

We can’t help but wonder if her new bangin’ tattoo serves as a visual warning to anyone who may try to lay a hand on RiRi. To us, that gun says, “back the f*ck off.” Think anyone else is getting that message?  [DListed via ONTD]

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Jay-Z Made Rihanna Dump Chris Brown

Jay-Z apparently instructed his protege Rihanna to get as far away as possible from her (allegedly) abusive boyfriend Chris Brown. “Jay-Z told Rihanna she needs to cut things out with Chris, at least in public,” said an insider. While we wish Jay had told her to can Chris altogether, we’re glad someone has talked some sense into RiRi’s stylish brain. He really is the most influential man in hip-hop!

Chris, meanwhile, is still hiding out in Virginia, apparently emerging only for the utmost important reasons, like buying 14 baseball caps at a Lids store. He even took time to chat up the salesperson, who then of course blabbed about the entire conversation. “He said, ‘It’s not what it seems’ about the Rihanna situation,” Shavon Bradshaw revealed. We have a hard time believing Chris is really gonna open up about a legal situation to a Lids salesclerk, but whatever you say, Shavon!  [MSNBC. Photo: GettyImages]

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50 Cent: Releasing Porno Starring Rick Ross’ Baby Mama

The beef between Miami rapper Rick Ross and Vitamin Water mogul 50 Cent is about to get taken to a new level. The musicians have been going after each other with rhymes and malicious cartoons (seriously – cartoons) for a while, including one that Ross put up on his Myspace page entitled “Gay Unit Workouts.” Surely you can imagine the plot of that lamely named clip. But revenge mastermind Fiddy got Ross back by convincing the mother of his son, Tia Kemp, to shoot a revealing video (watch it above) about her ex. In it she  bashes Ross, accuses him of having fake, rented bling, and then goes shopping for fur coats and Gucci shoes with her ex’s rival.

Of course, 50’s not stopping there. He’s apparently somehow acquired a porn tape of Ross’s other baby mama sexing it up on film, and he’s going to release the whole thing – with his own personal commentary. We gotta hand it to Fiddy – he’s not f*cking around, and we kind of admire how far he’ll go to bring someone down. Then again, maybe we’re just saying that so he won’t mess with us.