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Nasty Jermaine Dupri Pukes On Ms. Jackson

Looking for the best way to shower your girlfriend with love? That was the dilemma Jermaine Dupri faced the other night at Tenjune while celebrating his birthday with his lady Janet Jackson, Ne-Yo, Ice-T and Busta Rhymes. He solved the problem by guzzling a bunch of champagne and Patron and then literally showering his lover in his booze-infused puke. How romantic! If only every girl could be so lucky. Janet then allegedly bolted out of the club and into her waiting car, while her man hopefully got himself to the nearest bathroom. We have a feeling someone’s gonna be getting some apology diamonds this week!  [NYP. Photo: GettyImages]

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Alicia Keys: Good Girl Turned Home Wrecker?

The rumor that Alicia Keys got between producer Swizz Beatz (pictured above, together in 2004) and his wife Mashonda is heating up, and confusing all of us who believe in her good girl, great voice image. This is Alicia Keys were talking about, she’s basically a saint with a piano and a couple of bad outfits under her belt (and hey, doesn’t she have some serious boyfriend?). Even those Swizz is denying any infidelity, he supposedly threw Alicia a birthday party, where she introduced him as “The man of the hour and my boo.” A friend of his ex blabbed that Mashonda thought the pair was working things out: “She thought they were trying to put their marriage back together. Meanwhile, he’s apparently been telling Alicia that his marriage was over.”

But we’ll let Swizz have the final word. He’s now speaking out in an attempt to defend Alicia and clear his name, of course. He tells Us: “I am disappointed that some have chosen to try and tarnish Alicia’s reputation by irresponsibly implicating her in a situation that she has absolutely nothing to do with.”

So – who do you think is telling the truth? [Photo: WireImage]

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Like Water Sports

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back to their old shenanigans of vacationing in bikinis and bathing suits while still denying that they are a couple. Whatever. No one really cares what they are, as long as they keep having fun riding banana boats and jet skis in front of photographers.

Pics of the couple enjoying life – and their millions – in Barbados are below.

[Splash News Online]

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Kanye West Channels Kermit the Frog

Kanye West is a blogger, a fashion designer and now a f*cking puppet, apparently. His new video for “Champion” features a cloth Kanye competing against human runners in some sort of Olympic-like competition. In other words, it’s kinda creepy, and Kanye’s got nothing on the Muppets. [Via MoneyCashHos]

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Usher Rehires His Mom, Hides From His Wife

Usher has gone crawling back to his mama like the baby that he is. The singer, who was last heard cooing about banging us in a club, has booted celeb manager Benny Medina and rehired his mother Jonnetta Patton, who helped her son sell 1.1 million copies of his album Confessions in its first week. His latest album only clocked in at a measly 433,000 sold in that seven day period, so clearly the ax needed to fall. Usher gave some creepy comment when interviewed in the July issue of Vibe, telling the mag, “I decided to not fire, not get rid of, but to give [my mother] the ultimate compliment — to retire her to be a full-time grandmother.”

Clearly words of appeasement to calm his crazy wife, who allegedly loathes Mama Usher. But his rep gave the word that Jonnetta’s officially been rehired, which can only mean one thing – mom is always right. [Us]

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Gossip Break: Katie Can’t Handle Her Pants

Martha Stewart‘s arm appears to be missing, but like all good WASPS she keeps her cool. [BWE.tv]

Katie Holmes unrolled her giant jeans! All is right in the world again. [DListed]

Kanye West was spotted today at GAP’s headquarters, probably pitching a fit about his khakis. [Jezebel]

We love Laverne from I Want To Work For Diddy almost as much as she loves giving some random dude a lap dance. [YBF]

Gwen Stefani‘s back is hollerin’ from carrying that baby around. Pop already! [Seriously? OMG!]

Mary-Kate Olsen finally got subpoenaed by the feds. Ask her about those ugly gladiator sandals, guys! [ICYDK]

Beyonce rocks Obama pride while hugging her hubby. [ConcreteLoop]

10 dirty hippies that ladies love to bone. What, you didn’t know BO was an aphrodisiac? [Defamer]

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Gossip Break: Pam’s Got The Munchies

Pam Anderson eats fake meat in public – no, not her boobs.  [DListed]

Enjoy your daily dose of the Kardashian sisters in cheesy outfits.  [ICYDK]

The new ad for the upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model reveals the dawning of the age of Tyraquarius.  [Seriously? OMG!]

Kate Moss wants you to look at her boobs.  [IDLYITW]

Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen is wicked skinny, yo.  [ONTD]

Da Brat might be going to jail for a year. Who will Mariah hang out with?!  [Bossip]

Anderson Cooper disses Ali Lohan. Swoon.  [Jezebel]