History Of Rap

by (@hallekiefer)

Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon School Us In “The History Of Rap, Part 2″

We’re sure, based on the fact that we’ve see them on TV, that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are more than qualified to deliver a college-level lecture series on the history of rap in America. But since they are so super busy, we will instead have to settle for their “History of Rap, Part 2″ to sum it all up in five minutes and eighteen seconds.

Last night the duo served up the sequel to their “History of Rap” jam from last fall. As before, the human mash-up transitions from classics like Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby”to DJ Kool‘s “Let Me Clear My Throat” to Lil’ Wayne‘s “A Milli” in a matter of booty-shaking seconds. If we had to pick out the best moment, our personal favorite would be Timberlake channeling his most smoldering video girl impression to Nelly’s “Hot In Herr,” then fading out quietly and awkwardly when he realized how hard he was getting into it. You don’t have to be embarassed, Justin. It’s educational!