How To Fake Your Way Through a Conversation About Celebrity Gossip at Holiday Parties


-Tara Aquino

Holiday parties are a lot of pressure. They require small talk, and mingling with people you barely know over eggnog that’s probably making you gag. How do you survive the minimum amount of time you must put in (so as not to look like you can’t hang)? Shallow conversation about anything and everything. And most of the time that conversation means celebrity gossip.
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The Villains Who Almost Stole Christmas: Who Are The Scariest Scrooges Of All?

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Ho, ho, ho and a Merry Christmas! Wait… Santa…. WATCH OUT!!!!!

The holidays have always been a source of merriment and cheer, and of course, presents a plenty. However, Christmas scrooges do exist in the deep, dark corners of the earth. They tend to be cranky old buggers, who enjoy plastering frowns on the faces of happy, frolicking, rosy-cheeked little children. They’re greedy, they’re nasty, and they’re green. Well, sometimes at least. So to celebrate all the unmerriness of these vile villains, we’ve collected a list of the most classic Christmas criminals to avoid. So go ahead and grab some milk and cookies (and a hand to squeeze when you get frightened!) and sort through our Villainous Gallery.

Oh, and careful Rudolf. I think the Grinch has been eyeing that shiny red nose of yours…