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2009’s Worst Red Carpet Catastrophes


As we bid farewell to 2009, we’d like to take a moment to honor the year’s most atrocious red carpet fashion disasters. So many stars said “yes we can” to terrible outfits that it was hard to narrow down the group to just 9, but the celebrities below truly went above and beyond the call of duty doodie with these craptastic looks. From layers of lace, to body suits and booty shorts, we’ve got the best of the worst for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Sharon Stone – Leather, Lacy And Oh-So Racy
2. Sandra Bullock - Rolled Out Of Bedhead
3. Leighton Meester – Blair’s Barfy Bikini Party Dress
4. Madonna – Sky-High Hair And Skank Boots
5. Gwyneth Paltrow –  Goopy’s Poopy Booty Shorts
6. Bai Ling – Bow-zo The Red Carpet Clown
7. Perez Hilton – Hand Paint N’ Hairy Legs
8. Amber Rose - Imma Let You Finish, But This Is The Worst Body Suit Of The Year
9. Holly Montag – Heidi’s Sister Turned Washed-Up Stripper

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Stephanie Pratt Headed To Rehab


Stephanie Pratt was busted for a DUI last month, and now the Hills star is trying to make things right by going to rehab. Spencer Pratt‘s sister will enter a 30-day Los Angeles residential rehab facility as her first step toward sobriety following her her arrest outside Holly Montag‘s birthday party.

Originally, her lawyer tried to argue that she failed the sobriety test due to the four-inch stripper boots she was wearing. “There’s no impaired driving or driving that indicates she was under the influence,” her attorney John Bryan Artz said. Prosecutors did not buy the stripper-boot defense however, as Stephanie blew two breath tests, one with a .09 alcohol level, just above the state’s legal limit of .08. “She’s trying one day at a time to do the right thing in respects to her life and facing whatever issues she may have,” her attorney said. “She’s taking this case very seriously, and she’s taking the issue of alcohol very seriously.”

If convicted, she faces up to six months in jail and $1,000 fine. Hopefully for her this doesn’t go the way of fellow DUI recipients Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. [Source: NYDN; Photo: Getty Images]


Stephanie Pratt Arrested For DUI After Filming PSA, Partying With Holly

Holly Montag, Stephanie Pratt & Stacie Hall

The Hills star Stephanie Pratt started Saturday on the right foot, filming a PSA (with Dukie from The Wire!) for Code Blue, a charity that aims to “bring attention to and fight against the issues that threaten teen youth.” Having done her good deed for the day, Pratt met up with Holly Montag and Stacie Hall to celebrate her sister-in-law’s birthday at Empire Hollywood. Having traded Code Blue for a blue tongue, Pratt lost control of that right foot—and her left—getting pulled over for a DUI. Police took Spencer’s sweet sister to Van Nuys, where she posted $5,000 bail a few hours later. Think we’ll still see that Code Blue ad? You can’t say she didn’t bring attention to teen-threatening issues.

Watch Holly, Stacie and Stephanie get their party on in the gallery below. Pick a designated driver next time, guys. For everyone’s sake.

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