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Shakira Gets A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Great news for Shakira fans. The singer has become the first Colombian to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And she looked quite comfortable with her spot, lounging beside it for photographs. She thanked the crowd for their support saying, “This is incredible. I would like to thank all of you.” She also added that her mother once said, “Shaki, one day you’ll have your own star here,” while visiting Hollywood Boulevard when Shakira was just 7. Mama’s always right. Here’s an interesting factoid — Shakira’s is the 2,454th star on the Walk of Fame. But that doesn’t make it any less cool. Felicidades!

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Neil Patrick Harris Gets His Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

About frickin’ time, we say! One of our favorite stars ever, Neil Patrick Harris was awarded a Hollywood Walk of Fame star yesterday. It’s right in front of the Pantages Theatre across from the legen—wait for it —dary (we had to throw in some Barney Stinson) dive bar, the Frolic Room. Of which Neil said in his acceptance speech, “This won’t be the first time I’ve been plastered on the sidewalk in front of the Frolic Room.”

Fiance David Burtka, Joss Whedon and his How I Met Your Mother co-star Jason Segel, the latter of whom introduced Harris to the waiting crowd. He joked, saying, “Neil has been entertaining us in television, stage, the Internet and film for over 60 years.” Cue a Doogie Howser flashback! Neil tweeted a photograph of his star as well, modestly writing, “Things I dig”. Congratulations! It’s well deserved!

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Jennifer Aniston Gets Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Congratulations, Jennifer Aniston! Her star is now a part of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame! The ceremony took place yesterday and the actress looked lovely wearing a floral Prada dress and Gucci shoes. She and boyfriend Justin Theroux have now gone like, public public, because he not only attended the event, but he cleaned up (bye-bye beard) and sat front and center at the ceremony! Can we also admit that’s it’s only just now that we recognized who he is? Now that the beard’s off we made the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle connection! Hah. But we do like the skinny tie-white shirt combination. Jennifer’s pals Chelsea Handler and Jason Bateman also showed up to lend their support. Looks like things are on the rise for Jen again. Professional life — check! Personal life — check!

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Shania Twain Receives Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Shania Twain received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star yesterday and it was about time! We’re happy for her because she’s been through a pretty rough patch with her divorce from Robert “Mutt” Lange, who was having an affair with her now-ex best friend! Thankfully that period is over and now, Shania has her star, a memoir, a documentary and a hot French husband Frederic Thiébaud, who just happened to be the husband of the cheating’ ex-BFF! Things have definitely looked up since then!

Shania looked absolutely lovely while telling the assembled gathering, “I mean, why is a girl from Timmins, Ontario, standing here, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I really don’t know…it’s a small miracle, to be honest, that I am here today.” And we don’t know why she was around for all of this, but it’s pretty cool that Bo Derek showed up as well. Looking good, ladies!

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Gwyneth Paltrow (Finally) Gets A Star In Hollywood

The Goop is on! Gwyneth Paltrow has finally received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the ripe age of 38. GP, as usual, looked tall and enviably skinny in a knee skimming white, fitted dress yesterday and commented that she was chuffed that her, “grandchildren can one day come and see my name on the sidewalk”. Gwyn, we know you were actually thinking, “It was about f-ing time.” Consider this—she got her Oscar for Shakespeare in Love 11 years ago. 11 long years.

Paltrow’s come a long way from Elizabethan England. Gywenth put on 20lbs (*snort*) to play a washed-up singer in Country Strong and even did a sassy version of Cee-lo‘s Forget You” on Glee. Because she’s an actress, okay? Now she’s got an Oscar AND a star to prove it. Congrats, Gwynnie.

Danger, Danger : insufferable levels going through the roof.

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Reese Witherspoon Is A Star, Gets A Star

Reese Witherspoon was just awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for generally being a superwoman. We can’t understand how she does it all: Oscar-winning actress, mom of two kids, producer, spokesperson and dater-of-hot dudes. R.e.s.p.e.c.t. Anyone who’s dated Jake Gyllenhaal has our adoration. Anyone who’s in a movie with Robert Pattinson (Water for Elephants), has our envy.

Reese looked gorgeous pulling off a form-fitting polka dot dress without looking twee at all. Accompanied by her two kids Ava and Deacon, Witherspoon beamed while receiving the award. Of the occasion she commented, “Never in 462 million years did I think this was going to happen to me. I thought I was going to live in Tennessee and be a doctor. I’m just so lucky that I get the opportunity to do what I love every day,” she said. “It’s so nice to go to the movie theater and just escape for two hours and dream, and hopefully my films do that for people.”

Congratulations! How about some more dish on R.Pattz in the next interview, though?