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Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Getting Back Together?


We hope this is true – they were so cute together. A source claims newly blonde Kim Kardashian and ex Reggie Bush may be making moves to get back together. Reggie reportedly realized he “doesn’t want to let her go” and is hoping she will take him back.

“They are talking again and he is hopeful that she will agree to give it another go,” the source claims.

Bring back Tush and Bush! [Photo: Getty Images]


Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt: Back On!


Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt looked very much back on as they splish splashed in the ocean in the tropical paradise of Bora Bora. It looks like Doug thinks romantic trips to tropical paradises are just the thing to win his heiress back. The former Hills star reportedly rented the private island for his and Paris’ personal playgound and they both took to Twitter to tell the world how fabulous it is.

“Fiji is truly one of the most amazing places in the world,” Doug wrote on Twitter. “Wadigi island in Fiji the perfect romantic getaway so private and beautiful.”

Paris also Twittered, “Love Wadigi Island, had the most incredible stay. It is true Paradise, so beautiful and private. It’s the perfect place to vacation.”

So will spoiling Paris win her back? “He has been so generous and sweet, and has really impressed her with his romantic ways,” said a source close to Paris. “She loves being treated like a princess…She can feel how deeply in love he is with her, and she’s having a blast,” the source said. [Source: NYDN; Photos: Splash News Online]

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Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt Reunited?


Paris Hilton said “Au Revior!” to ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt in June, but could the heiress be considering taking the Hills star back? Paris and Doug were reportedly spotted Saturday night on an Air Pacific flight to Fiji en route to the Red Bull Island (Luacala) that was once owned by Malcolm Forbes. So what was the former couple doing traveling together? A romantic island vacation to rekindle the flames? [Source: NYPost; Photo: Getty Images]


New Report Claims Rihanna And Chris Hooked Up


Those Rihanna-gets-back-with-Chris-Brown rumors just won’t go away. Now a UK celebrity mag claims that far from being a coincidence that saw the two both stay at New York’s Trump International Hotel a couple weeks back, they actually hooked up while there. Star magazine reports that a hotel source saw them “canoodling” in her room (yes, yes, British tabloid-speak is terrible) and that they used decoy cars to put off the media while they spent time together.

The mag also claims exclusive quotes from Rihanna’s mom Monica Fenty, who seems pretty upset that her daughter is supposedly back in Chris’s arms. “I’m devastated, but what can I do? Rihanna is her own woman with her own mind and very, very independent …. Chris has a bizarre power over her. She still loves him and he knows it. In her eyes he’s a god. Even after all this time, and even after what he did, it’s not diminished, no way,” she says.

At the time, sources for both Chris and Ri denied anything was going on. The conditions of Chris’s court order prevent him from coming within 50 yards of the singer, but could the most unlikely reunion of 2009 really be on the cards? [Photo: WireImage]


Slumdog Stars Go Public


Isn’t this one of the cutest photos of a totally genuine looking couple that you’ve seen for ages? Slumdog Millionaire stars Freida Pinto and Dev Patel tried to keep their romance under wraps for ages, but have clearly decided to go public now. And they look really happy stepping out together in London for a special outdoors screening of their hit movie at Somerset House. We’re no body language expert, but there seems to be a lot of “mirroring” going on in their poses here, and we especially love Dev’s “I can’t believe I’ve bagged this hottie” look on his face. Bless. [Photo: WireImage]


Ali Larter Ties The Knot


This was a big weekend for celebrity weddings. In addition to Mark Wahlberg, Heroes star Ali Larter also tied the knot with her boyfriend Hayes MacArthur. The couple wed at Hayes’ parents’ estate in Kennebunkport, Maine, where the guests arrived to the wedding on trolleys and Irish music played in honor of the groom’s heritage.

After dating for five years, Ali married the guy she says, “showed her the way.” “Since I was 15 years old, all I wanted was to find the guy I was going to marry. My heart got broken so many times because I put so much pressure on it. And then…I got blindsided,” Ali said.

Congrats! [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Leo Snuggles With A Pussycat


Publicity-shy Leonardo Dicaprio has been keeping busy while trawling the London party scene and has now apparently hooked up with Ashley Roberts of the Pussycat Dolls. The movie star who shies away every time he sees a camera — but somehow can’t resist popping down to the most celebrity-packed venues around — attended the celebrity-packed Cartier International Polo over the weekend where he got cozy with Ashley. The two then headed down to, yes, the celebrity-packed Whisky Mist in London.

“They were getting on like a house on fire, drinking bottles of champagne and expensive tequila. They were so close at one point she was almost on his knee,” says The Sun.

Expect the shy and retiring Leo to hook up with his new lovely in similarly under-the-radar spots. We can recommend The Ivy, The Groucho Club and Mahiki! [Photo: WireImage]


It’s Love! Jon Gosselin And Michael Lohan’s Douchebag Bromance


Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan are a douchebag bromance made in tabloid heaven! The  father-of-the-year contenders have been paling around lately and putting their product-placement-happy sh*tshow parade on display for all to gawk at. News of their bromance first broke when Jon brought gal-pal Kate Major to stay with Michael in the Hamptons earlier this month. The pals have also had dinner with Jill Zarin and just this past Saturday were hanging at the Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge in Bridgehampton, where they took the opportunity to speak to all media who were there.

This is actually a Hollywood bromance that might work, as these two have a lot in common:

  • Spending money all the wrong ways: Michael allegedly owes six months in child support to ex-wife Dina Lohan. “Over $12,000 is due, and it’s in the hands of collections now,” a source says. Michael denies it, saying, “That’s a total lie. I pay Dina and the kids cash all the time.” While his eight kids were hanging at home in Reading, PA with mom Kate Gosselin, Jon reportedly scooped up a $950 pair of Pravda Abbigliamento shoes.
  • Mike Heller: The mastermind behind a ton of celebrity endorsement deals and paid appearances, whose biggest client is none other than Lindsay Lohan, has reportedly been hired by Jon so he can ca$h in by toting around products while he is snapped by paparazzi.
  • Hot blondes: Although he was arrested in April for allegedly threatening to kill fiance Erin Muller and himself if she dumped him, the 34-year-old blonde and Lilo’s dad are reportedly back on.  After taking party girl Hailey Glassman to St. Tropez, Jon took ex-Star reporter Kate Major out on the town on the East Coast, but still insists, “At this point…I’m single-per se.”

Next they can bond over how to communicate with their children, where  Michael will start with lesson one: Talking to Your Child through TMZ: Better Than An In-Person Heart To Heart.

Check out our gallery of the sleazetastic BFFs! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Paris Hilton Hooks Up With British Comedy Star?

Gruesome twosome alert! According to a report, Paris Hilton is now dating British comedian David Walliams, of Little Britain fame and they’ve been on a “string of dates” in Britain.

“They have been friends for a while and met up a lot secretly when Paris was filming her TV show in London … They’ve been speaking on the phone a lot and have so much in common. There’s a real chemistry between them,” reports the News of the World.

Really? So much in common? But then, David’s become an unlikely ladiesman over the past few years, dating popstar Natalie Imbruglia and glamor model Lauren Budd, whereas the less said about Paris’s chequered and considerable engagement/love life the better. Perhaps these two are really made for each other.  [Photos: , FilmMagic]


Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Squeeze?

Since Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel Bar Refaeli called it quits last month, the “Who’s Leo Dating Next?” guessing game has been in full swing. Yesterday we reported that the actor has been partying in London with Cameron Diaz, sparking rumors that the two may be combining their remarkable genes into one super force. But then Cammy also hit the town with Jude Law. So what’s Leo to do?

How about dinner and drinks with model Amanda Charlwood? Spies say the two ate dinner together at Guy Ritchie‘s pub The Punch Bowl, left separately, and then met up again later at bar Whisky Mist. On the superficial tip, we’re not sure if Amanda’s face holds up favorably next to Bar’s, but she’s certainly lean, long and leggy. That’ll do — for now. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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